Michael Steele Bows Out As RNC House Negro Chairman

Steele withdraws from RNC chair race, backs Cino

Michael Steele has just dropped out of the race to retain his job at the helm of the RNC and endorsed Maria Cino to be the committee’s next chair.    So ya see,  House Majority Leader John Boehner had a really good excuse after all for refusing an Air Force One seat to  Tucson, Arizona ro the ‘THRIVE TO SURVIVE”memorial service.

“At this time I will step aside for others to lead,” he said.

“It’s very clear the party wants to do something a little different and maybe a little better,” Steele said in announcing his decision to withdraw his candidacy.

He received a standing ovation from committee members.  The fifth round of voting will begin now. Four candidates remain in the race.

The official GOP house organ, Fox News, is all over this, of course:

Beleagured GOP Chairman Michael Steele on Friday dropped his bid stay atop the party for another two years after falling further behind top challenger Reince Priebus on following several rounds of voting.

Steele, whose tenure has been marked by controversy and embarrassment, realized he was fighting a losing battle. Now he is urging supporters to vote for Maria Cino.

Priebus, the Wisconsin Republican Party chairman, won the fourth round with 58 votes. Maria Cino moved into second place with 29. Steele and Ann Wagner both got 28 votes followed by Saul Anuzis with 24.

Ballots are being cast by 168 committee members. Eighty-five votes are needed for victory.

Ah, Michael, we’ll miss ye, laddie. You were always good for the entertainment.

Video will be up shortly.


Well 3 Chics knew it would only be a matter of time before RNC Chairman Steele would have to put his head between his legs and kiss his BLACK ASS GOODBYE!

The RNC’s attempt at electing Michael Steele as the anecdote to the DNC’s nomination of Barack Hussein Obama as the presidential candidate was so a NO brainer.  3 Chics ain’t HATIN’ on Michael Steele.  At least he offered buckets of fried chicken and potato salad at to Black folks!  Too bad Michael didn’t include watermelon for dessert.

Got to admit, Michael Steele, you were surely entertaining, and that is exactly what the Republican Party signed you up for.  We hope you benefited from the role as much as the RNC thought they’d gained from you!

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  1. name says:


  2. Edward Lazarus says:

    For those of us who have watched the GOP—(FOX)—savagely assail President Obama for months, in my view the most disgusting spectacle was the when that chipmunk-looking little bucket of farts, CAVUTO, blatantly cut off the speech of Michelle Obama and referred to her–(and her husband)–as “NOBODY!”

    What must his mother–(assuming the swine had a mother)–think of his behavior?

    Does he even understand that his stinking insult to both the President and the First Lady reflects directly on his upbringing….and therefore on those who raised this little sack of crap?

    It is especially galling to hear such drivel come out of the filthy pie-hole of one who battles daily to overcome the fact that he appears on the TV screen and one’s thoughts immediately go to that childish, piggish countenance of his and causes one to wonder if he turned out to be such a toady little simpleton because his parents were somehow retarded….or if perhaps he was left in a dumpster only to be rescued from the rest of the trash by the greasy, mumbling turd of an Australian immigrant who so readily craps on his adopted country.

    Whatever caused this pus filled cretin to turn out as he has does little to explain the simple FACT that President Obama AND his lovely wife are miles ahead of him in every thing in life that matters.

    Cavuto……you festering boil on the stinking, wrinkled ass of Murdoch….are NEVER going to achieve what the Obama’s already own…..the respect, devotion, and GRATITUDE of millions of Americans and others around the world.

    Long after the slime trail you leave behind as you slither thru life has disappeared into the dirt and grime that you wallow in , the Obama’s will be remembered with fondness by those who won’t be able to recall your name in a game of trivia….where you will be listed in the category of “totally fucking irrelevant!”

    Both of these “nobody’s” have already obtained for themselves a cherished place in history that gas bags like you will never achieve….and your vile treatment of them will earn you a well deserved place in that toilet known as Fox News.

    One might even find a way to accept the way you talk about a president who’s goals and methods are so different from slugs like you—but that you could be so viciously disrespectful of Mrs. Obama? You, Mr. Cavuto, are a disgrace to humanity! Take your silly haircut and your puffy face and immediately GO TO HELL, you SWINE!
    And PLEASE take that pig of a boss with you.
    Meanwhile, if your parents are still alive…..they too should be ashamed to go out in daylight hours.

  3. Edward Lazarus says:

    This is the end of one era and the beginning of another. Steele is a bumpkin….”Prince Rebus” is simply a more dangerous bumpkin.

    I say that because a bumpkin with a functioning brain can… and probably will… be even more hateful than the brainless bumpkin because he will feel he has so much to prove!

    I think most intelligent people– (Democrats)—hoped for a continuation of the same fool in the position if only because he was expected to make life easier for the DNC.
    But I believe that for the GOP the most significant thing to consider is that Steele was “a failed experiment.” And one that can be used going forward as “proof” that they are an “inclusive” bunch.

    As for Steele’s “value” to the GOP? Well….he was –(and probably still is)– a black man, and the party of limited cognitive ability surely must have thought that loyalty to a black man as a “leader” was a significant counter balance to another black man who actually was a leader. (They’re both tall….slender…and black)…but that is where the similarities end).

    Steel had what probably the best two years of his life since his job left him in an unguarded room with lot’s of those “donor dollars” that are accepted at some of the finest bondage/lesbian joints in America….and the opportunity to do what he does best; A)…spend money like a drunken sailor on shore leave with a bottle of Viagra—(likely borrowed from Rush–(the magic pervert)– and B)…get his silly face in front of the camera allowing him to take his “shuck and jive” act nationwide.

    Now, he must start anew, and I believe he will become just one more belated
    “author” of a book expose of the GOP….adding still one more embarassment on top of so many others for a political party that is gasping it’s last breaths before its name is followed in print by the words, “now defunct”,— or “soon to be defunct.”

    And as for Steele’s lasting influence? Well, when he realized he wasn’t going to buy his way to another term with his cute imitations of a “street thug,” he threw his support–(along with the unbelievably still living un-indicted war criminal buddy, Dick Cheney)–to Cino….who was then promptly rejected for a “MAN!”

    C’mon, folks. They stepped way out of character and elected a dreaded “black man,”in their failed experiment—so to then immediately elect a WOMAN? Let’s get real.
    Back to “bidness” as usual!

    Where Steele was almost compelled to act in a somewhat civil manner…knowing he would be compared to “that other black man”, Obama…the Royal Prince will not feel likewise constrained.

    I believe a major factor in their final choice was the need to have a far sharper tongue in that position. Remember, the GOP requires a personality in that position that can lie easily and openly insult the opposition in ways Steele could not.

    So….here we go again!

    • Ametia says:

      You NAILED Steele, Edward. Damn, “Prince Rebus” I’m sure Priebus will live up to this title.

      • Edward Lazarus says:

        Thanks for the kind words. I’m going to move away from my computer for a few hours now. My blood is beyond boiling from thinking about Cavuto and I’m afraid I just might express my displeasure at the GOP. (Yeah! I know. Who would expect such a thing from such a mellow old man?) Later. Have a great day!

  4. Ametia says:

    Fox’s Neil (NOBODY)Cavuto got a HARD ON with Steele’s announcement

  5. dannie22 says:

    I’m sure ole Michael is somewhat sad tonite. But the weekend will pass and come Monday morning, like brand new, Michael will be the cooning, jiving, house Negro we all know and love.

  6. rikyrah says:

    this is who they are. doesn’t shock me in the least.

    by Mikey….see ya.

  7. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    Michael made up his mind that he was gonna get his one way or the other. Like the Dramatics said…You ain’t fooling me, I’m fooling you and that’s probably what Mike had on his mind.

    Nevertheless, all kidding aside, we knew that position was a front and wasn’t gonna last long. The GOP is not people of color friendly!

  8. Ametia says:

    Reince Priebus Slips and Says Execute Obama instead of Osama three times

  9. Ametia says:

    ************************* DEAD****************************

  10. Ametia says:

    Breaking News Alert: Reince Priebus wins RNC Chairman race
    January 14, 2011 5:26:07 PM

    Reince Priebus has been elected the new chair of the Republican National Committee, replacing current Chairman Michael Steele after a vote at the committee’s winter meeting in Maryland.


  11. Ametia says:

    Posted at 3:54 PM ET, 01/14/2011
    Michael Steele bows out of RNC Chair race, endorses Maria Cino
    By Chris Cillizza

    Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele bowed out of his longshot bid for a second term, bringing an end to a two-year tenure more defined by gaffes than the electoral victories his party racked up.

    “I will step aside because I think the party is ready for something different,” said Steele before the fifth ballot for chairman began. He immediately threw his support to former RNC official Maria Cino’s candidacy.

    Even in defeat, however Steele was unapologetic about his time in office. “I hope you all appreciate the legacy we leave,” he told the 168 members of the RNC. “Despite the noise, despite the difficulties, we won.”

    Steele finished second on the first ballot, a single vote behind Wisconsin Republican party chairman Reince Priebus. But he progressively lost support as the balloting went on as the 168 committee members made clear that they have decided to move past his stormy time in office.

    Nearly two years ago to the day, Steele was triumphant — scoring a somewhat surprising victory over a crowded field to become the first African American chairman of the Republican party. Steele was touted by many within the GOP as a foil to the newly elected President Obama — a well spoken, fresh face for a party decimated in the 2008 election.

    But Steele turned into something far less than what many had hoped — a gaffe-prone public speaker who struggled to court the high dollar donors that form the financial foundation of the RNC.

    The result? Despite historic wins in gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey in 2009 and gains up and down the ballot in 2010, Steele found himself under siege from, four challengers — all of whom argued that the party’s gains were in spite, not because of, his work at the committee.

    The most damaging blow to Steele’s re-election chances came from Gentry Collins, former political director at the RNC who penned a six-page letter denouncing the fundraising operation (among other things) at the committee. (Collins eventually decided to run for chairman himself but quickly dropped out when he couldn’t secure the requisite support.)

    Steele, despite his repeated protestations that things were not as bad as his opponents suggested, could never overcome the massive $20 million debt the RNC compiled in the 2010 cycle and the carping of the professional political class that they simply couldn’t keep Steele in the job heading into the 2012 presidential race.


  12. Ametia says:

    Reince Priebus elected RNC new Chariman.

  13. Ametia says:

    Got to give it to Steele for pimping the RNC, just as much as they pimped him.

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