*GOP GOVERNORS/Elected Officials Are Responsible For State Joblessness & UNEMPLOYMENT | Sabotaging America’s Economy For Political Gain

If you are experiencing the effects of unemployment in your state, take a look at the map above and ask your governor where are the jobs?  Since the November 2010 election, there are currently 29 Republicans, 20 Democrats, and 1 Independent holding the office of governor in the states. 

3 Chics wants to keep this simple. 



The current jobs numbers and unemployment rate reflects the onslaught of Republican governors gutting of jobs, union-collective bargaining rights, education, and refusing stimulus funds to rebuild infrastructure, etc.  But you’re not going to hear the MAINSTREAM MEDIA address this as the cause of joblessness and unemployment.  Their corporate masters have handed them the script to project gloom, doom, and blame on those socialist Democrats and their party leader President Obama.

Ask your elected state GOVERNORS, Republican or Democrat where they stand on the following issues:

1.  JOBS






 How are you faring in these areas, folks?

Here’s a May 2011 breakdown of unemployment rates state by state.

And just in case you’re not 100% convinced of the Republican’s chicanery, shenanigans, and sheer fuckery, Michele Bachmann is telling you straight up how they plan to win the election, so they can further gut and destroy middle class & poor Americans, while protecting the rich oil conglomerates and corporations through subsidies and tax cuts.

We’ve already gotten an earful from citizens in Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, New Jersey, Florida, and now with Minnesota being the first state to shut down its government due to a GOP majority legislature.

Let’s keep this issue mainstream:

The ‘sabotage’ question goes mainstream– By Steve Benen

3 Chics will leave you with President’s address on the June job numbers:

Update from Steve Benen’s blog.

 Here’s a chart showing private-sector job creation in the latter half of 2010, when stimulus money was still being spent, and when Democrats enjoyed the congressional majority.

And here’s a chart showing private-sector job creation so far in 2011, after stimulus spending largely ended, Republicans took control of the U.S. House and most of the nation’s gubernatorial offices, and the national discourse pivoted from jobs to the deficit and debt.

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  4. ……..Rachel Maddow did a really good job of laying out just how completely insane these so-called negotiations going on right now over raising the debt ceiling a manufactured purely political crisis are when theres a real crisis going on with the lack of jobs and one thats going to me made worse by these cuts in government spending theyre debating..And sadly it looks like the Obama administration has completely bought into Republican framing on the issue that somehow reducing our deficit right now is going to make the real crisis with jobs better and not worse..As she noted in the beginning of the segment Republicans were more than happy to take credit for good job numbers this spring which theyre now trying to lay at the feet of President Obama. .When the jobs reports were looking quite good in the early spring Republican leaders were for the positive numbers they had nothing to do with. It s a nice little scam Republicans have put together when more jobs are being created it s proof they re right when fewer jobs are being created it s proof Obama s wrong.

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  6. Ametia says:

    America’s debt
    Shame on them
    The Republicans are playing a cynical political game with hugely high economic stakes
    Jul 7th 2011 |

    IN THREE weeks, if there is no political deal, the American government will go into default. Not, one must pray, on its sovereign debt. But the country will have to stop paying someone: perhaps pensioners, or government suppliers, or soldiers. That would be damaging enough at a time of economic fragility. And the longer such a default went on, the greater the risk of provoking a genuine bond crisis would become.

    There is no good economic reason why this should be happening. America’s net indebtedness is a perfectly affordable 65% of GDP, and throughout the past three years of recession and tepid recovery investors have been more than happy to go on lending to the federal government. The current problems, rather, are political. Under America’s elaborate separation of powers, Congress must authorise any extension of the debt ceiling, which now stands at $14.3 trillion. Back in May the government bumped up against that limit, but various accounting dodges have been used to keep funds flowing. It is now reckoned that these wheezes will be exhausted by August 2nd.

    The House of Representatives, under Republican control as a result of last November’s mid-term elections, has balked at passing the necessary bill. That is perfectly reasonable: until recently the Republicans had been exercising their clear electoral mandate to hold the government of Barack Obama to account, insisting that they will not permit a higher debt ceiling until agreement is reached on wrenching cuts to public spending. Until they started to play hardball in this way, Mr Obama had been deplorably insouciant about the medium-term picture, repeatedly failing in his budgets and his state-of-the-union speeches to offer any path to a sustainable deficit. Under heavy Republican pressure, he has been forced to rethink.

    Now, however, the Republicans are pushing things too far. Talks with the administration ground to a halt last month, despite an offer from the Democrats to cut at least $2 trillion and possibly much more out of the budget over the next ten years. Assuming that the recovery continues, that would be enough to get the deficit back to a prudent level. As The Economist went to press, Mr Obama seemed set to restart the talks.

    The sticking-point is not on the spending side. It is because the vast majority of Republicans, driven on by the wilder-eyed members of their party and the cacophony of conservative media, are clinging to the position that not a single cent of deficit reduction must come from a higher tax take. This is economically illiterate and disgracefully cynical.

    A gamble where you bet your country’s good name

    This newspaper has a strong dislike of big government; we have long argued that the main way to right America’s finances is through spending cuts. But you cannot get there without any tax rises. In Britain, for instance, the coalition government aims to tame its deficit with a 3:1 ratio of cuts to hikes. America’s tax take is at its lowest level for decades: even Ronald Reagan raised taxes when he needed to do so.

    And the closer you look, the more unprincipled the Republicans look. Earlier this year House Republicans produced a report noting that an 85%-15% split between spending cuts and tax rises was the average for successful fiscal consolidations, according to historical evidence. The White House is offering an 83%-17% split (hardly a huge distance) and a promise that none of the revenue increase will come from higher marginal rates, only from eliminating loopholes. If the Republicans were real tax reformers, they would seize this offer.

    Both parties have in recent months been guilty of fiscal recklessness. Right now, though, the blame falls clearly on the Republicans. Independent voters should take note.


  7. Ametia:

    (I say this in all seriousness)

    As a Black man who is currently studying “What Makes The Black Community Tick – In The Age Of Blacks As Starters In The Malcolm X Political Football Game” – seeing your analysis and knowing that YOU and a lot of people who think as you do BELIEVE it is disturbing to me.

    Let me tell you why – in that this is the part that you likely don’t understand.

    In the context of listening to Black talk radio in which
    * The present Atlanta public schools were discussed with the same OBFUSCATION upon the Republicans who run the state

    *The Bev Smith Show in which she was talking about the economic conditions for Black Americans and chose to look past the local “Mission Accomplished Zones” where Blacks are in our highest concentrations and instead talked about how Ronald Reagan’s policies from 25 years ago still haunt Black people today.

    What one quickly understands, Ametia – is that you need not put forth a MODEL which accurately represents the REAL WORLD, on your way to producing an ENDURING, COMPREHENSIVE FIX.. No my dear – YOU only need to publish a series of data points and then provide ANALYSIS that your “Congregationally Complict” Progressive Fundamentalists agree with because it allows them to retain their existing bias AND explains why what they have “tried harder” at has not worked because the scoundrels are still alive. Your solution is to VOTE HARDER FOR THE PROGRESSIVES!!! We as Black people must now use “JB Weld” permanent bonding to fuse our Black Community Consciousness with Progressivism inside of the American Political Domain.

    Here is where your wheels fall off the track, Ametia. When it comes to the development of a strategy for success for Black people – jobs, education, safe streets, healthy living – despite the fact that our people will be the primary beneficiary of ORGANIC reforms within our communities – your way of thinking, laced with your own ideological bigotry makes it so that what is going on in OUR COMMUNITY is about the most irrelevant point in the strategy. Yours is not a “Pro-Black” strategy it is an “Anti-Republican Strategy”. Or as I say “Anti-Republican Does NOT Equal Pro-Black It Only Keeps Certain Negroes Following Along”.

    In my home town of Philadelphia there is a sight to see. Even in the most depressed Black Neighborhoods in this, one of the most Democratic dominated cities in the nation , is a constant sight of ECONOMIC ACTIVITY and JOB CREATION “for their own kind”. Unfortunately,, Ametia, these jobs that are being created in the Black community – where at 11pm the only businesses that were opened were Chinese Food Joints that also sold beer – are producing jobs for Chinese and Korean and Dominicans (corner grocery stores – bodegas).

    The reason why THIS BLOG and your personal disposition is disturbing to me Ametia is that BOTH OF US KNOW that when you take away the REPUBLICANS out of your scheme – your scheme collapses and gets exposed for what it is – A SCHEME DEVOID OF BLACKNESS because it is a 100% POLITICAL SCHEME but you are the first starting female quarterback in the “Malcolm X Political Football Game” between White Liberals and White Conservatives.

    Ametia – WHERE is the plan for Black people to invest our money in our communities and not just investing our ‘Equal Black Ballots” into the Democratic Party?

    WHERE is the registry of improvement for Black Students after favorable people took over our public schools, and today they received the QUALITY EDUCATION to become the PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGENTS, providing for the needs in our community?

    It is clear to me that fist bumps that you have received from your “Great Article” that exposed how the mere deployment of a REPUBLICAN GOVERNOR is the trigger for job loss – that these people have no clue to the MISSING VARIABLES in your argument and thus – crafted to stoke their own bigotry (and ignorance about the dynamics of the economy) you got your fist pounded.

    I choose not to REBUFF your silly arguments, point by point. (Just know that if you were to present it in front of an Econ 101 class – they would not be laughing at you because you are Black and they are Tea Party members in the crowd – the fact that you are presenting at an HBCU and thus there are no White people in the audience, not withstanding. They are laughing because your analysis lacks veracity and ONLY has the agenda of GETTING A DEMOCRATIC GOVERNOR BACK IN OFFICE.

    A lot of good Granholm did for Michigan, ahey?
    In your calculus – BUSH not Obama should be blamed for the job situation today BUT
    the Republican governor in MI and WI, not their Democratic Predecessors should be blamed?

    Do you see how you are Ametia?
    Where else do you get to road test your theories were there is immediate “constructive feedback” given so that you never dare to voice them again – EXCEPT in the throws of fellow progressives who wish to be told something favorable?

    I do not hate you Ametia. I only have a strong discard for how your own ideological biases are merely an element of the machine that dominates the consciousness of Black American and keeps us INFERIOR but using our EQUAL BLACK BALLOTS as an expression of our EMOTIONAL connections with the people who SHOULD BE being held accountable because they erected a confidence scheme to keep us hiking with them.

    • Ametia says:

      Hi CB, Congrats on your studies of us poor, ignorant black folks and what makes us tick. You do you on your blog and we’ll do us on our blog.

  8. Shady_Grady says:

    Nice post. Unfortunately greed, fear and stupidity appeal to a large part of the American electorate who believe that tax cuts and cutbacks are the way to prosperity.

  9. Ametia says:

    REPETITON IS THE GREATEST TEACHER., FOLKS! If you keep watching the same ole cable shows like Ed Schulz and reading the same ole newspapers like WaPo, ya gonna get indoctrinated with the garbage.

  10. Ametia says:

    Come on let’s get this Friday evening PAR-TEE started!


    OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

  11. Ametia says:

    Rev. Al Sharpton laid it out about the GOP and their goal to invoke the 10th amendment for States rights. Well folk, how do you like what the GOP governor and legislators are doing so far with those rights?

    • In Washington State it could be worse. The problem is that we have a pretty hefty debt. About 8 billion. As such, cut backs are unfortunately happening. As one might expect by now, it is education and the poor that get hurt. Nothing new. That is always what happens.

      We do have a lot of building construction going on which is great. The arts are still being funded which is a good thing. Construction is continuing on the new rail system.

      PS, I don’t know about you, but this has been a bad week. I am hoping that once this debt ceiling issue is over, people will stop screaming at Obama. best. dr

      • Ametia says:

        I’m a half full kinda woman, Dorothy. It’s all POLITICAL smoke & mirrors. Karma is very exacting. You sow it, you reap it. Folks are reaping now; and it’s unfortunate that other folks are being affected by the fallout.

  12. Dems Hit Eric Cantor For Potentially Profiting From U.S. Default


    WASHINGTON — House Democrats are circulating a resolution accusing House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) of having a conflict of interest in the debt ceiling debate, a move that could provide an akward C-SPAN moment for one of the lead Republicans in the budget negotiations.

    The resolution goes after Cantor’s investment in ProShares Trust Ultrashort 20+ Year Treasury EFT, a fund that “takes a short position in long-dated government bonds.”

    The fund is essentially a bet against U.S. government bonds. If the debt ceiling is not raised and the United States defaults on its debts, the value of Cantor’s fund would likely increase.

    The Democratic resolution, obtained by The Huffington Post from a Democratic source on the Hill, argues that Cantor “stands to profit from U.S. treasury default, which thereby raises the appearance of a conflict of interest,” and that he “may be sabotaging [debt ceiling] negotiations for his own personal gain.” It’s not clear how widely the measure was being circulated, with a House Democratic aide saying they hadn’t seen the resolution or heard it being discussed.

    “Majority Leader Cantor has compromised the dignity and integrity of the Members of the House by raising the appearance of a conflict of interest in negotiations with the executive branch over raising the debt ceiling,” adds the measure.

    Cantor spokesman Brad Dayspring said Democrats have it backwards: The Majority Leader stands to lose much more money if Congress does not reach a deal on the debt ceiling and the U.S. defaults.

    According to Dayspring, Cantor owns $3,327 in the ProShares trust. His congressional pension in the Thrift Savings Plan, on the other hand, is invested in the G Fund of government bonds and is valued at over $263,000. The value of his investment in the ProShares fund is highly variable and could change significantly if the government defaults.

  13. 3 Chics is no ways tired. We can’t EVER give up. We knew from the beginning what President Obama is up against. The GOP would rather destroy the country’s economic progress than allow this BLACK man to serve a second term. This is a fight to preserve their way of life as they know it. I’ve been black in America for more than 3 days. We know struggle and understand what it takes to over- come. Look at the Civil Rights movement. Black folks marched until blisters formed on their feet for change. They were attacked by dogs, had high powered water hoses turned on them which peeled their hair out, they were beaten bloody. Ask Congressman John Lewis? He had his skull cracked for a cause he believed in. Some died, 4 little girls were blown up in Birmingham at SUNDAY SCHOOL. But did we give up? Hell to the No! We were in it for the long haul! This is no time to give up. Keep your eyes on the prize, folks!

    • I am trying. It has been rough. This SS and Medicare issue has ballooned into a disaster.
      I know you are right. People have argued on BWD’s site and TOD. Even BWD started losing a little faith today. And you know how faithful she is about PBO. She is a big worrier, and I think the job numbers really hit her hard. I sent the president an email telling him that I know he is doing the very best he can under the circumstances.

      Keep at it SouthernGirl. I love your spirit. dr

      • Ametia says:

        We”re not buying into the gloom & doom, Dorothy. We’re aware of the facts, but you know the media are all in sync with the PBO’s at fault meme. We’ve got 15-16 months to go, and WE AIN’T NO WAYS TIRED. SG2 and I come from an era of fighting for our rights, segregation, Jim Crow, at least I have, so this scene from this act; well we know the deal.

  14. http://blackwaterdog.wordpress.com/2011/07/08/friday-open-mishmash/

    Tally quoted:Tweet this until your fingers bleed – let’s go!!>>

    GOP House has voted NO on 10 Dem jobs bills, and has yet to introduce 1. http://t.co/V45HlVc #GOPFAIL

    • Ametia says:

      GO TALLY! 10 jobs bills! Didn’t POTUS tell us that congress can help put folks to work RIGHT NOW. The GOP is OBSTRUCTING.PERIOD.

  15. Ametia says:

    Didn’t the President tell y’all NOT to give the KEYS back to the Rehugs?

  16. Did folks think the American Taliban was playing? They’re out to do damage! Open your eyes folks! The GOP is hell bent on destroying the economy so they can be re-elected. They’re dangerous mofos! Take note! We ‘re going to have to stick together and support President Obama because he cannot do this alone! If we don’t here is what will happen! All you have to do is think back on Wisconsin but it will be 10 X’s worse!

    • Ametia says:

      Yep; Folks let the teabaggers in their psyche and planted fear of the black president.

      Hope, courage, and need of change won out in 2008

      Fear & racism won out in 2010

      What will it be in 2011 & going forward?

    • Excellent analogy. They are dirt bags who only care about bringing down Obama. They are willing to destroy this country to make sure he is not reelected.

      • Dorothy, it’s unfreakingbelievable! Can you believe this ish? They’re WILLING to destroy the country to get rid of the black man in office. No good lowdown dirty sobs!

  17. Ametia says:


    Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), a leading advocate of shrinking entitlement spending and the architect of the plan to privatize Medicare, spent Wednesday evening sipping $350 wine with two like-minded conservative economists at the swanky Capitol Hill eatery Bistro Bis.


  18. Work it, Ametia! It’s a slamming post! Go on and tell the truth why don’t you!

    Call these mofos out!

  19. Great post, Ametia. This has been one hellavu week as far as sabotaging America’s psyche regarding President Obama. Yesterday, it was the false news story about Social Security cuts and today it’s the hysteria over the jobs numbers. I live in a very rural county in the Deep, Deep, Deep South, and guess what? There is not a single person that I personally know who is looking for a job and can’t find one (thankfully). Don’t get me wrong, I know the job numbers are bad across America and in my African American community here as well. However, the media/pundits paint for us this gloom and doom picture then blame the President in an effort to hoodwink us. We should be pointing our fingers at those no-do-good Republicans who are not only failing to create job opportunities but are obstructing any Democratic efforts to do so, and at the same time are slashing our citizen rights left and right –rescinding women’s rights, racial profiling, legalizing voter suppression. It.Is.Un-real.
    What’s more–the new media blogs that have sprotted up in response to the crazy Professional Left blogs seemed to have been attacked this week with a strain of defeatism and hysteria. Two of the blogs that I daily frequent–BWD’s The Only Adult in the Room and theobamadiary.com seem to have been invaded by a wave of negativism. I won’t call the regular people who post comments there trolls, but some of them seem to have become overcome with defeatism. This is scarry stuff.

    We’ve got to pull together. All of us who support President Obama and who have faith that he will lead this country forward. We’ve got to do our part, too. He can’t do it alone.

    • Ametia says:

      Hi NCW; no defeatism here at 3 Chics. We stand 100% behind PBO and will go after the truth in what is really going on in this country. BWD and TOD do great work, and it is challenging to stay optimistic in times like these. The goal is to try and frighten and wear us down, but it’s NOT.GOING.TO.HAPPEN. NOT HERE @ 3CHICS!

      Maybe the folks who feel defeated should turn off the tv and take a break for a bit.

      We know what’s going on; when every media outlet, including the papers, parrot the same gloom and doom and aim it at our president and not the GOP.

    • Speak on it, NCW! The GOP is trying to destroy the country’s economic growth for political and it = TREASON.

    • howdy newcenturywoman. It has been a bad week. Dang fools. I read BWD’s piece and the comments. Even she kind of lost it. It is tough to sit back and watch people trying to destroy the president. We all get jittery and insecure. Not only do we like him, we love him. When others harm him, we are harmed.
      Looks like the Chicks are standing strong. That helps.

  20. Ametia says:

    Pelosi Statement on June Jobs Report
    July 08, 2011

    Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after the Department of Labor reported that the economy added 18,000 jobs in June and unemployment rose to 9.2 percent. With 57,000 jobs added by private businesses, this marks the 16th consecutive month of private sector job growth:

    “Today’s jobs report makes it clear: more must be done to create jobs and strengthen our middle class. Republicans must join Democrats to focus squarely on Americans’ top priority – putting people back to work.

    “In the six months since Republicans have been in charge of the House, they have failed to bring a single jobs bill to the floor or offer a clear jobs plan. Democrats have forced ten votes on job-creation measures in this Congress – and Republicans have voted ‘no’ each time.

    “Democrats know that creating jobs must be job number one for this Congress, yet Republicans continue to push their plan to end Medicare in order to give billions in tax breaks to Big Oil and corporations that ship American jobs overseas. And now, they are putting our entire economy at risk – by threatening to let our nation default for the first time, injecting uncertainty into the economy, and demanding we balance our budget on the backs of seniors and the middle class.

    “We are ready to work together on a balanced, bipartisan approach to bring down our debt, while creating jobs, strengthening the middle class, and growing our economy.”


  21. opulent says:

    Excellent capsulation of the issue Ametia!!

    This needs to go viral.

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