Video | President Obama Introduces The Movie Classic “To Kill A Mockingbird”

I didn’t get to watch the President’s introduction to To Kill A Mockingbird Saturday night. Did anyone see it? Thought we’d post a clip of it along with a few others to re-introduce theis classic novel/movie.

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Harper Lee wrote her only published novel To Kill A Mockingbird. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor by George W. Bush in 2007.

Wiki:   Reception to the novel varied widely upon publication. Literary analysis of it is considerably sparse compared to the number of copies sold and its use in education. Author Mary McDonough Murphy, who collected individual impressions of the book by several authors and public figures, calls To Kill a Mockingbird “an astonishing phenomenon”.[2] In 2006, British librarians ranked the book ahead of the Bible as one “every adult should read before they die“.[3] It was adapted into an Oscar-winning film in 1962 by director Robert Mulligan, with a screenplay by Horton Foote. Since 1990, a play based on the novel has been performed annually in Harper Lee’s hometown of Monroeville, Alabama. To date, it is Lee’s only published novel, and although she continues to respond to the book’s impact, she has refused any personal publicity for herself or the novel since 1964.

Here we are in the 21sty Century, and justice is still being DENIED.

Atticus Finch’s Closing Statement

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