Video | Cullen Jones Wins Olympic Silver Medal In The 50 Freestyle: His First Individual Medal


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NBC is doing a LOUSY job of showcasing AMERICA’S Olympians, particularly our BLACK OLYMPIANS. Last night NBC televised the 50 freestyle with Cullen Jones winning a Sliver Medal, his first INDIVIDUAL MEDAL and what does NBC do? Shows Florent Manaudou, the French Gold Medal winner hugging his sister who ran down from the stands, then they went to a fucking commercial.

LONDON – American Cullen Jones says he dreamed of winning an individual gold medal, but he’s happy with silver.

Here’s HOW NBC could have showcased Jones, in addition to INTERVIEWING him poolside after his SILVER medal win, especiallyy since this was his First individual WIN. I’m sure viewers would have loved to hear Cullen’s feelings and thoughts on the win. I know I was waiting to hear him.

Recap/reminder for all who might not be familiar with who is Cullen Jones.

WIKI:  Cullen Andrew Jones (born February 29, 1984) is a U.S. competitive swimmer and Olympic gold medalist who specializes in freestyle sprint events. As part of the American team, he holds the world record in the 4×100-meter freestyle relay (long course). He is a member of the 2012 United States Olympic team and is competing in both the 50-m freestyle event and the 100-meter freestyle event at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. He picked up a silver medal in the 4×100-meter freestyle relay at those games. In the London 2012 olympics he finished 2nd in the 50m freestyle and won the silver medal.

NBC, ya’ll need to do BETTER!

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  1. No surprize here. remember when the media was constantly critisized for being too Liberal; or was that just a dream i had one afternoon long ago?
    I am now a follower of your site. Great stuff; consistantly.

    • Ametia says:

      Hello, angrymanspeaks. Whatchoo angry about? LOL thanks for following 3 Chics. We’re delighted that you dropped in. Don’t be a stranger.

  2. johnnie stallings says:

    hey girls!!! Latino post…olympics 2012 “racist” nbc promo airs afters gabby Douglas Gold Medal win apology issued video please show this. there is also a beautiful picture of miss Douglas in this paper. I knew nbc was not showing what they could.

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