Ferguson Open Thread | Justice for Michael Brown!

Still waiting for that POLICE REPORT, FPD. Where is it?

NEW YORK TIME’S SHADY ASS REPORTING: Twitter is all we have, folks! Do the Police have the NYT in their back pockets?

Rewrite:  Police Bad Police Reporting


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  1. rikyrah says:


  2. yahtzeebutterfly says:
  3. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Here is a new petition:

    Marilyn LyDay
    8 hrs
    Over 141,000 signatures. *Sign / *Share please
    Mike Brown Law. Requires all state, county, and local police to wear a camera.


  4. Breaking News Ferguson Police Department has no incident report of the shooting of Michael Brown

  5. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    We need to get buttons, t-shirts, hats, and sweatshirts to support Ferguson and demand justice for Michael Brown.

    Make our own or buy them.

    Wear them and pass them out.

    in every city and in every state

  6. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    I am praying and praying tonight.

    • yahtzeebutterfly says:

      Let’s all send strong positive thoughts that the member of the Grand Jury will get it right.

      Let’s really, really send out a massive, prayerful positive wave of energy!

  7. rikyrah says:

    St. Louis Medical Examiner SLAMS Brown Family Hire

    The chief medical examiner of St. Louis County, who performed the first autopsy on Michael Brown after he was shot on Aug. 9, says that she is concerned by one of the men hired by the Brown family to conduct its own exam.

    “I can tell you absolutely that I find what Parcells does to be abysmal,” Dr. Mary Case told The Daily Caller when asked about Shawn Parcells, a Kansas-based forensic pathologist assistant. He has been accused in the past of fabricating his job title and of conducting autopsies without a license.

    Parcells, along with Dr. Michael Baden, was hired last week by the Brown family to conduct an independent private autopsy. They did so, they said, because they did not trust local authorities to conduct a thorough investigation into Brown’s police shooting death.

    The team released its results on Monday and determined that Brown was shot at least six times.

    One crucial determination was the trajectory of the bullet that killed Brown. Parcells explained to TheDC earlier this week that the bullet was traveling in a back to front direction, indicating that Brown was bent over in some fashion when he was struck.


  8. Darren Wilson is sitting at home watching and listening to ALL witnesses to make up his story according to what they say. Talk about a corrupt to the 10th power police department.

  9. Ferguson cop’s hour long anti-government, racist rant. Same cop shoved CNN reporter Don Lemon on air.

  10. OMFG! No incident report of the shooting? I’m hyperventilating.

  11. Ametia says:

    Who is this NEGRO LO is interviewing?

  12. Ametia says:

    Whatsamattu, Darren Wilson, was it because of that “orbital fracture” that you couldn’t see to WRITE AN INCIDENT REPORT OF SHOOTING MICHAEL BROWN TWICE IN THE HEAD WITH HIS HANDS UP?

  13. Ametia says:


  14. rikyrah says:


    please post the video of Larry O’s first segment on the no incident report down here in the replies.

    I want to put Front Page it in the next Ferguson thread.

  15. rikyrah says:

    Larry O says absolutely no incident report in Ferguson with the Michael Brown murder.

    He’s showing it on tv right now.

    It’s fucking BLANK, except for Michael Brown’s name on it.

    It was the ACLU’s lawsuit that got it.

  16. Breaking News: Ferguson Police Department has no incident report of the shooting of Michael Brown.

    • Ametia says:

      Stevie Wonder saw this coming. FPD, Governor, Senator and mayor, they’re all filthy LIARS.

      They know the FPD are making up shit as they go along, to over for one rage skilling, excecuting MOFO racist cop!

  17. rikyrah says:

    KSK(africa) @lawalazu

    YES, SIR: “Mr. Obama allocated $67,132, ……, Mr. Carter $20,790, and Mr. Johnson $546, again using 2014 dollars.” http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/22/opinion/obama-cares-look-at-the-numbers.html?partner=rssnyt&emc=rss&smid=tw-nytopinion&_r=0
    8:33 PM – 21 Aug 2014

    • rikyrah says:

      Best response in his twitter feed:

      Kim McLarin ‏@KimMcLarin 7m

      @WesleyLowery Been that way since 1619.

    • Ametia says:

      The most widely held sentiment among Blacks is the hope that another race of people , like white folks won’t take another race of people, like black folks from the home land in chains, on ships, throw the sick and dead over board, whip, rape, further inslave and kill them.

      There , GO RUN TELLAT!

  18. There are more witnesses, folks. But people are afraid to come forward.

    Ferguson eyewitnesses are ‘scared’ to speak

  19. Michael Brown’s Parents Meet With Attorney General Eric Holder

    • Ametia says:

      This video is at once joyful to watch, yet incredibly heartbreaking.

    • Liza says:

      Dear Lord, that is heartwrenching.

      This is wrong, all of it, just so wrong. This young man should be alive. But since he was murdered, we should not be in this horrific battle over arresting the murderer because the murderer is a cop and the victim was black.


  20. Liza says:

    “… if you’re that scared of black men, you should not police black communities.”

    The Ghost of Dred Scott Haunts the Streets of Ferguson
    Posted on Aug 20, 2014
    By Amy Goodman

    FERGUSON, Mo.—The ghost of Dred Scott haunts the streets of Ferguson.

    The protests have raged along Ferguson’s West Florissant Avenue. Four miles south of the protest’s ground zero, along the same street, in the quietude of Calvary Cemetery, lies Dred Scott, the man born a slave who famously fought for his freedom in the courts. The Dred Scott decision of 1857 is considered by many to be the worst one in the history of the U.S. Supreme Court. It ruled that African-Americans, whether slave or free, could not be citizens, ever.

    Scott was born into slavery in Virginia around 1799 (the same year noted Virginia slaveholder President George Washington died). Scott’s owner moved from Virginia, taking him to Missouri, a slave state. He was sold to John Emerson, a surgeon in the U.S. Army. In 1847, Scott sued Emerson for his freedom in a St. Louis court. Scott and his family prevailed, winning their freedom, only to have the decision overturned by the Missouri Supreme Court. The case then went to the U.S. Supreme Court.

    In the court’s majority opinion, Chief Justice Roger Taney, a supporter of slavery, wrote, “A free negro of the African race, whose ancestors were brought to this country and sold as slaves, is not a ‘citizen’ within the meaning of the Constitution of the United States.” Thus, the court ruled that all African-Americans, whether slave or free, were not citizens, and never would be.

    The ruling also declared the Missouri Compromise unconstitutional. The compromise made Missouri a slave state, but dictated that northern territories in the rapidly expanding United States would be free territories, with slavery outlawed. The Dred Scott decision opened up all of these new territories to slavery, and was deemed a victory for the Southern slave states. The decision sent shockwaves through the country. Abraham Lincoln invoked the decision in his famous “House Divided” speech, saying: “A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free.” The Dred Scott decision would help lead to the election of Lincoln as president, and push the country ever closer to civil war.

    Professor john a. powell (who writes his name in lower-case letters) teaches courses on Dred Scott. He is a professor of law and African-American studies at the University of California, Berkeley, and sees a link between that awful decision and problems today. “We still have not come to full recognition of blacks and other people as full citizens, as full people,” he told me. The protests in Ferguson stem in part, he says, because “the black community tends to be overpoliced and unprotected.”

    Ferguson is emblematic of deep racial divisions that persist in the United States today. Since the 1980s, the city has shifted from a majority white population to one that is majority black. Yet the mayor is white. The city council is overwhelmingly white, as is the school board. Perhaps most relevant to the protests, 50 officers of the 53-member police force are white as well. Pastor Michael McBride of Berkeley, Calif., has been in Ferguson, organizing the community in the aftermath of Michael Brown’s killing. Standing just feet from a military-grade Humvee, he blamed the systemic police violence on “irrational fear of black men … if you’re that scared of black men, you should not police black communities.”

    The people of Ferguson demand justice for Michael Brown, including the arrest of Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson, who killed Brown. A number of groups are calling for a special prosecutor to take over the case, the removal of the National Guard and a Justice Department investigation into every shooting of an unarmed person of color

    Dred Scott lost in court, but eventually gained his freedom from another owner. Sadly, Scott died a year later in 1858 of tuberculosis. Miles from his final resting place, the echoes of his life and his struggles persist, amidst clouds of tear gas.


    • GrannyStandingforTruth says:

      A good example of the cause and effects of stereotypes when they become so embedded in our society that to some folks they become a reality, but are in actually a false reality.

      • Liza says:

        That is so true, Granny. Years ago, we thought those stereotypes would be gone by now. But I keep thinking about how the demographics of Ferguson changed, but the white, racist leadership prevailed. There’s a story there because the black majority should have been able to at least take over some of the elected positions like the city council. Assuming fair elections, their numbers should have prevailed. And, without question, there should be more blacks on the police force and there shoud be a black police chief. The town’s governance is way out of sync with its demographics. Correcting that would go a long way toward healing Ferguson and it seems like it’s within the realm of possibility. Unless something else is going on….

  21. rikyrah says:

    CNN host calls out Ferguson mayor for referring to Michael Brown’s body as an ‘it’

    By David Edwards
    Thursday, August 21, 2014 9:45 EDT

    Ferguson Mayor James Knowles (R) apologized on Thursday after CNN host Chris Cuomo called him out for repeatedly referring to slain teen Michael Brown’s body as an “it.”

    In an interview on CNN, Knowles told Cuomo that he immediately began supporting counter-demonstrations as soon as protests broke out in Ferguson over the way that a white police officer gunned down Brown while he was unarmed.

    “Right when this began, there were some people that thought, you know, we should go out there and counter-protest,” he explained. “The national media is saying that we’re this divided community. That we’re divided among socioeconomic lines, that we’re divided among racial lines. And so we wanted — everybody here wanted to make sure that people realized that we are not divided per se. We are united.”


  22. Ametia says:

    Bring it, Dave Chappelle, BRING IT

  23. Hey folks, lets get busy. Call @GovJayNixon at (573) 751-3222 RIGHT NOW & tell him it’s time to step up and replace Bob McCulloch.

  24. rikyrah says:

    @Yamiche: Gov. Jay Nixon today ordered the Missouri National Guard to begin a systematic process of withdrawing from the City of #Ferguson.

    • Ametia says:

      Coward. FPD and their ilk put out this crap, because the other coward, Killer COP, WILSON can’t open his mouth or go before the camera, because everything he says and does is under the microscope now.

    • Granny says:

      Wow! I don’t even trust Cpt. Johnson, but correct me if I’m wrong, so, they protect their own only if they’re white? Dang! They even have a double standard with their own Black officers. Jesus heal and deliver the minds of the police in this nation from their racist beliefs. In Jesus Name. Amen!

  25. rikyrah says:

    If Darren Wilson Was “Savagely Beaten,” Why Did Neighbors See Him Mowing His Lawn Just a Few Days Later?
    This story does not smell right at all By Charles Johnson US News56 minutes ago • Views: 1,953

    Officer Darren Wilson, minutes after supposedly being “savagely beaten”

    If you’ve been following the ever-worsening accounts of the purported struggle between unarmed teenager Michael Brown and Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, you’ve seen the descriptions mutate from “minor injuries” for which Wilson was treated and released to “a savage beating” that nearly rendered him unconscious and caused an “orbital blowout fracture of the eye socket.”

    But in this video from CNN, Wilson certainly doesn’t look like someone who was “nearly beaten unconscious” just minutes before; in fact, he shows no signs of injury or discomfort at all, walking casually around the body of the young man he just shot to death.

    Read more at http://littlegreenfootballs.com/article/43756_If_Darren_Wilson_Was_Savagely_Beaten_Why_Did_Neighbors_See_Him_Mowing_His_Lawn_Just_a_Few_Days_Later#pxJZpUHgaC2ZdZht.99

    • Ametia says:

      Don Lemon using the same tactics of interrupting their interviewees just like Fox, especially when they’re BLACK & TRUTH-TELLING BLACK FOLKS like Talib Kweii.

      Remind you of the Sean Hannity Patricia Bynes interview?

    • rikyrah says:

      PragmaticObotsUnite @PragObots

      Talib Kweli to Don Lemon: “I am not here for your house niggatry!” #ThatsHowIHeardIt #BlackTwitter #blacknews

  26. rikyrah says:

    Cop in Ferguson Tweets Lies to Justify Tear-Gassing Protesters in Their Own Back Yard

    By Ray Downs
    Thu., Aug. 21 2014 at 10:18 AM

    A Velda City police officer who has been part of the militarized police apparatus holding down operations on West Florissant Avenue is spreading lies about Ferguson protesters online.

    Sergeant Mike Weston, going by the handle “officeranon2” on Twitter, engaged with users of the social-media network about a tear-gas attack by St. Louis County police on protesters in their own back yard on Monday, August 11. In the conversation, a Twitter user wanted to know why police would fire tear gas at people on their own property. Weston tells them it’s because protesters were firing guns from their back yard. But that’s not true, as evidenced in the video below.


  27. Sleazy LYING Sean Hannity reported Darren Wilson was nearly beaten unconscious but here’s the killer standing over body. No one saw him getting any medical attention on the scene.

    Michael Brown lay dead on the ground while police look on.

    • Ametia says:

      And there you have it. Wilson the killer cop could NEVER handle an orbital fracture with his head hanging down like this. I’m a nurse. He’d be screaming BLOODY murder with pain!

      The only way Michael Brown Jr. could’ve fractured this lying POS’s eye socket is to rise from the dead. And we know that’s not going to happen.

    • Ametia says:

      Granny, this is the insanity of it all. These folks are so DEEP in denial and sociopathic behavior. They live in an alternate universe, call NO CONSCIENCE.

  28. Get Don Lemon an ice pack b/c Talib Kweli blistered his ass LIVE!

    • yahtzeebutterfly says:

      This hateful racist cartoon harkens back to the type published in the 1800’s and early 1900’s!

      The editor of the Columbia Tribune is obviously an extreme racist. This makes me conclude that protest letters to the racist editor will fill him/her with EXTREME glee.

  29. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    Ferguson police are denying a Senator the right to go into a courthouse to file a document.

  30. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Look what I found in the article I will post at the bottom:

    ………..most [GRAND JURIES] just follow the lead of prosecutors, giving them enormous leeway. Not only do the prosecutors get to decide what charges to seek. They also end up choosing what evidence to bring forward—and how to present it. That’s particularly true in Missouri, I’m told, because it’s relatively rare for witnesses to provide testimony directly. Usually police officers read summaries of witness reports. Normal rules of evidence don’t apply; hearsay testimony is admissible.

    Look at the sentence again!!!! :

    “Normal rules of evidence don’t apply; hearsay testimony is admissible.”

    “Ferguson Protesters Want the Grand Jury to Deliver “Justice.” Here Are Two Reasons They Might Not Get It.”


  31. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    Cpt Ron Johnson reported on outsiders throwing water bottles at the police, but left out the part about police gassing and aiming guns at innocent protesters and arresting news reporters. He also left out the part about forcing people to walk in circles in 90 something degree weather and denying them the right to stop and rest. Lucky none of them had a sunstroke. He didn’t report how he denied the people and reporters freedom of movement. Nor did he include in his nightly report how the police raided a church. Cpt Johnson left out the part about the promises he made to the people at the rally, and how he broke every promise that same night.

    • yahtzeebutterfly says:

      You see things very clearly, Granny.

      You don’t miss anything!

    • Ametia says:

      Granny Ron Johnson’s lack of action or omissions from his report is why he looked like this yesterday with AG Holder:


      Ron Johnson can’t look AG Holder in the eye. His body language is of one who cowers to white folks in power. Why can’t you look AG Holder in the eye, Ronnie?

  32. Watch the media, folks! They are crafty mofos. “Josie” is a voice on a video who is retelling Darren Wilson’s story and suddenly CNN is reporting her as a got damn eye witness account. Since when is 3rd handed hearsay considered as fact?

  33. rikyrah says:

    Op-Ed: Killer Mike on the Problems Underlying the Chaos in Ferguson
    News /

    By Killer Mike | August 19, 2014 3:05 PM EDT

    I have searched all night and day for new and better words that could express my feelings and fear for the people of this country. I found no new words. I have no hope-filled insight to deliver. I only have this warning to all Americans: Whatever this country is willing to do to the least of us, it will one day do to us all.

    The police are paid by the public and carry a public trust, and they take an oath to protect us as citizens. The police have lost sight of that and must be reminded that we pay them to protect us, not to simply engage and cage us.

    We trust police with the power of life and death and with that trust comes a greater responsibility to be better than the current standard of policing I see across America everyday. Being a cop must be hard. My dad was one, and never wanted any of his children to follow in his footsteps. Being a cop is often seeing the worst of the human condition and behavior. With all of that said, there is no reason that Mike Brown and also Eric Garner are dead today — except bad policing, excessive force and the hunt-and-capture-prey mentality many thrill-seeking cops have adapted.

    This week I have seen tanks, rubber bullets and tear gas used by police against the citizens that pay them. This is not Egypt or Syria or Palestine, but today it feels that way. It feels as if death can come, without reason, from a uniformed government official and, if we do not press back against this Blue Wall of Silence and gang-like mentality of our local police, we all are in danger. Whether it is illegal rd stops & checkpoints, where your rights are being violated — through being forced to answer questions that the 5th Amendment protects you from, or illegal stop-and-frisk that the 4th Amendment is designed to protect you from — all of our rights are violated and in danger when any American’s rights are violated.


  34. ‘Am I next?’ Ferguson’s Protests Through the Eyes of a Teenager

    Shane Flowers: I saw Trayvon Martin…I saw George Zimmerman get away it. Now it’s another case. If this police get away it, I’m telling y’all man, this ain’t Florida…this is St Louis Missouri.

  35. rikyrah says:

    How Ferguson Has Exposed a Civil Rights Generational Divide

    Many voiceless black youths find old guard civil rights leaders’ voices indistinguishable from political white noise.

    By: Peniel E. Joseph

    Posted: Aug. 18 2014 2:00 AM

    This past week’s racial crisis in Ferguson, Mo., has uncovered a divide within the black community—one based on generation, class and the cloudy political vision offered by African-American politics in the Obama age.

    When asked who is the leader of the ongoing protests since the killing of Michael Brown—protests that have triggered Missouri’s governor to declare a state of emergency and curfew—one young man from St. Louis answered, “Do we have a leader? No,” and he went on to suggest that the martyred Brown, himself, offered the best example of leadership for Ferguson’s angry and alienated young people.

    As last week progressed, protests on the streets of that city operated on two separate tracks: Civil rights leaders have organized effective nonviolent marches even as young protesters, and some would-be outlaws, have descended into violence and looting in parts of the city.

    Leaders such as the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have visited Ferguson, but their pleas for calm have been ineffective.

    Ironically, the black person who provided arguably the most visible leadership during the Ferguson events has been Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson, whose forceful, yet compassionate, presence and policing tactics helped to temporarily defuse the escalating crisis.

    That young people in Ferguson refused to heed calls for nonviolence should come as no surprise. Demonstrations at the height of the civil rights era featured sporadic incidents of violence waged by angry black Americans outraged at racism and poverty, but unwilling or unable to commit to the discipline of nonviolence. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. encountered these episodes in Birmingham, Ala., and Memphis, Tenn., and was famously heckled when he visited Watts in the aftermath of Los Angeles’ 1965 rebellion.


  36. Ametia says:

    Thanks for posting “The Last Word” video, SG2. Lawrence O’Donnell did some bad ass reporting to EXPOSE the NYT’s shady ass reporting.

    Hopefully that newspaper is going to become extinct. In the meantime, I’m sure kitty litter boxes would appreciate it.

  37. rikyrah says:

    Ferguson Official Is Having None Of Hannity’s ‘Education’ On Police Brutality (VIDEO)

    By Catherine Thompson Published August 21, 2014, 9:53 AM EDT

    A Ferguson, Mo. official was having none of Fox News host Sean
    Hannity’s attempt to “educate” her on police brutality Wednesday night.

    Hannity kicked off an interview with Democratic committeewoman
    Patricia Bynes by pointing out that she was not present when black
    teenager Michael Brown, who was unarmed, was shot by a white police
    officer on Aug. 9.

    “You were not there. So you don’t know if this case is about police brutality, do you?” he asked.

    “No, I do know that this case is about police brutality,” Bynes said.
    “We’re talking about excessive force here. There is no way that a young man that is unarmed should have two shots in his head. That’s a little excessive. That’s what we mean when we say police brutality–”

    “Let me educate you, committeewoman,” Hannity cut in.

    “No, I don’t need your kind of education,” Bynes shot back.


    • Granny says:

      I have a question how can an ex-bartender who never graduated from college educate someone with more education than him? Wow! I didn’t know that they were accepting bartender credentials now as a PhD to teach. Wait til I tell other bartenders about this. *Snicker, snicker at Hannity*

  38. Ametia says:

    Rikyrah, where are you?

    St. Louis Native Jon Hamm Calls Civil Unrest in Ferguson ‘Rough to Watch’
    By Jeff Truesdell

    Jon Hamm, a St. Louis native and proud hometown booster, says the images coming out of suburban Ferguson, Missouri, near where he grew up and where relatives still live, have been painful to see.

    As a kid in neighboring Normandy, “I used to ride my bike to Ferguson. I know people from Ferguson,” the Mad Men Emmy nominee, 43, told PEOPLE Monday at Busch Stadium, where the Cardinals were hosting Jon Hamm Bobblehead Night.


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