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  1. Black people can’t vote while black, walk while black, or protest while black. Protesting will get you arrested & or gassed w/ snipers aiming down on you.

    • Face it America, 6 black eyewitnesses is not credible enough for the white media. They MUST take the white man’s word at any cost. Taney’s LAW! The media dismisses 6 black eyewitnesses to the murder of Michael Brown but take the word of police union thug, Jeff Roorda, FIRED for falsifying reports. White Privilege at work!

  2. BAM!

    St. Louis police officer under investigation following call to protester’s employer

    Keith Novara

    ST. LOUIS • Internal Affairs is investigating a police officer who called a woman’s employer to discuss her involvement in Ferguson protests.

    Leigh Maibes recorded a phone conversation with Officer Keith Novara on a YouTube video in which she questions why he called her boss regarding her involvement and Twitter posts about police tactics used during protests.

    In the video, she says Novara called and texted her boss, a real estate broker, on Tuesday, about her tweets.

    Novara responds that he was giving the broker a “heads up” because he is a south St. Louis business owner, and communicating with them is part of his responsibilities as a South Patrol officer. Novara can then be heard saying that he was warning Maibes’ boss that the phones at the business might be “blowing up,” from people upset about Maibes’ tweets.

    Maibes says in the video that beside Novara, her boss only received one phone call from a woman that complained.

    The St. Louis Police Officers Association released a statement in response to allegations that Novara tried to “intimidate a local activist.”

    The union’s business manager Jeff Roorda said it has hired an attorney specializing in First Amendment rights to represent Novara.

    “It is confounding to us as an organization of law enforcement professionals that apologists for the so-called ‘peaceful protestors’ in Ferguson and the Shaw neighborhood defend throwing bricks, bottles and rocks at police officers as ‘freedom of speech or freedom of expression,'” the statement reads. “Then, those very same people feign righteous indignation when a police officer who is fed up with the corrosive, anti-police rhetoric that this particular agitator has made in a public forum on social media, exercises his freedom of speech and freedom of expression in a truly peaceful manner.”

    In the release, Roorda says Novara and other officers have received death threats, had threats made against their children or have been subject to cyber-attacks.

    “All of this for the mere act of setting the record straight on public statements made by people spreading irresponsible lies and calling for violence against the police,” he wrote. “Police officers are not second-class citizens. They enjoy First Amendment rights and every other right that is enjoyed by every other citizens and we will aggressively defend those rights to our last breath.”

  3. A Saint Louis community officer calls the employer of a local activist in an attempt to intimidate and cause her to lose her job.

  4. Since St. Louis has decided against releasing a report, here’s the timeline of Mike Brown’s death

    Before Glide App Video Messaging Audio:

    Before Glide App Video Messaging Audio:
    12:00 PM: Mike Brown and Dorian Johnson are casually walking in the middle of Canfield Drive. This was/is a common practice on this street on a Saturday afternoon in this neighborhood. They notice a police SUV coming toward them.

    12:00 PM: Officer Darren Wilson, driving past them, slows down and tells them “to get the fuck on the sidewalk.” Brown remains silent while Dorian Johnson tells Wilson that they are just a minute away from their destination.

    12:00 PM: Wilson, having passed them by, violently puts the car in reverse, screeching the tires in the street, nearly hitting Brown and Johnson, who are forced to jump out of the way, stops right next to them, and thrusts open his door. The driver’s side door only opens only a few inches because it hits Mike Brown and ricochets back into Wilson.

    12:01 PM: A struggle ensues at the window of the police SUV, which causes Brown to lose his red, fitted baseball cap, found at this exact location after the shooting. Wilson immediately grabs at the neck of Brown as Brown tries to pull away, Wilson pulls his weapon, and threatens to shoot Brown. Brown’s hands remain outside of the SUV, and he uses the vehicle as leverage to pull away.

    During this struggle, the first shot is fired from inside the vehicle by Wilson. It hits Brown in his chest/arm area.

    Fearing for their lives, Brown and Johnson flee in different directions. Brown loses one of his flip-flops approximately 20 feet from the SUV. Johnson hides behind a black Monte Carlo.

    Wilson, gun drawn, exits his SUV and prepares to fire at a fleeing Brown.

    Begin Glide App Audio:

    12:02:14 PM.: Wilson pursues Brown as he flees some 100-plus feet from the police vehicle. During the pursuit, firing at the back of Brown, Wilson fires shots two (12:02:16 PM), three (12:02:16 PM), four (12:02:17 PM), five (12:02:17 PM), and six (12:02:17 PM) within milliseconds under three seconds, missing a fleeing Brown.

    12:02:18 PM: Shot seven grazes Brown’s right forearm, at which point Brown turns around to surrender. There is a three-second pause after shot seven, as Wilson continues his pursuit of a surrendering Brown, closing the pursuit gap significantly. Brown, with his hands up, says, “Okay, okay, okay. I’m unarmed, don’t shoot…” Before Brown can finish his plea, Wilson begins to fire the last four shots that hit Brown.

    12:02:22 PM: In just under two seconds shots eight through eleven strike Brown (making the encounter from shots two through eleven mere milliseconds under eight seconds.)

    Shots eight and nine (12:02:22 PM) strike Brown’s arm/hand while Brown’s hands are up. Brown’s hands come down and he staggers forward a few feet in the direction of Wilson.

    12:02:23 PM: While falling to the ground, Brown cradles his arms close to him as Wilson fires shot ten (12:02:23 PM) into his eye and shot eleven (possible fatal bullet fired at 12:02:23 PM) into the top of his head.

    12:02:25 PM: Brown is dead on Canfield Drive—over 108 feet away from Wilson’s SUV. The time from the confrontation at the SUV to Brown’s death takes just about one minute.

    (Vincent Heck was a key contributor to this report.)

    • Liza says:

      I agree. An aggressive ground game will win in Ferguson given the demographics. The organizers need to be identifying and grooming challengers for city council and mayor positions. Get the seats at the table, all of them, and run that damn town. Fire that lame a$$ police chief and watch the dominoes fall. This is within the realm of possibility.

  5. Weekend of St. Louis protests ends with anger, arrests and resolve

    A four-day event of scheduled demonstrations came to a raucous close on Monday night, as protesters gathered outside the St. Louis Rams vs. San Francisco 49ers football game in downtown St. Louis, Missouri.

    The protest was called in support of black teenager Michael Brown, who was shot and killed by white officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson on Aug. 9. The event and continued protests has sharply divided the region — and country — along racial lines.

    Nowhere was this more apparent over the weekend than seeing the reactions of some white football fans who did not take kindly to the mostly black demonstration outside the Edward Jones Dome stadium.

    Darren Wilson fans---Get over it

    Some football fans yelled “Get over it!” and “I am Darren Wilson!” as they aggressively confronted demonstrators. Several groups had to be pulled apart by police or friends.

    Other Rams and 49ers fans joined in with the demonstrations or showed support for the movement by raising their fists as they passed.

    Fist in the air.

  6. This guy threatened to “fuck up” a woman. Claims he’s a St Louis police officer. How fast will the media get on this?

    FPD officer wants to hit a woman

  7. How the official response to Michael Brown’s murder laid bare the cheapness of black life.

    I Am A Man

    It was Sunday evening and we were on West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson, where community members gather in mourning and protest every day, a few blocks from where Michael Brown was killed. Their demands are basic; the T-shirts simply say, “Stop killing us.” The protesters want an end to racist police practices, an end to the criminalization of being black and an end to the killing of their friends and children. They want Michael Brown’s killer indicted. And they want to be able to exercise their right to voice these demands vigorously and loudly to their government.

    As I looked around, I saw people from all walks of life on the avenue; young people and elders; preachers, teachers, and veterans. While each person expressed it differently, all the protesters were unified in their anger over Brown’s death. I joined the march next to a large family in orange T-shirts. They were in Ferguson for a family reunion and decided to come out and march together. As I took out my phone and started to tweet, “Justice is a family affair,” we were tear-gassed.

    There was no warning. It was three hours before the state-imposed curfew. The demonstration was peaceful, yet all of a sudden police began throwing tear-gas canisters. People scattered in different directions. I saw two young shirtless men racing a woman in a wheelchair out of the tear gas. Someone screamed, “They gassed my baby” and another exclaimed, “They’re treating us like animals.” Spots that were considered safe, like the press area, were hit repeatedly. Police threw tear-gas canisters at fleeing crowds. There was no safe place to run to. There is no safe place for the people to assemble. The town of Ferguson is under siege.

    This is what is happening every night.

  8. Cornel West has been arrested in Ferguson.

  9. rikyrah says:

    jelani cobb @jelani9

    At the interfaith rally for #fergusonoctober. Someone stood up and said “This is bullshit!” And denounced the naacp.

    jelani cobb @jelani9

    Crowd is now demanding the young people be allowed to speak. Crowd chanting “This is what democracy looks like.” #FergusonOctober

    jelani cobb @jelani9

    “I don’t care how this looks, this ain’t made for tv. This ain’t your parents civil rights movement.” #fergusonoctober

    jelani cobb @jelani9

    Essentially the tensions between youth and older gen, between residents & visitors just broke into the open at the rally. #FergusonOctober

    jelani cobb @jelani9

    Young woman, frustrated w/lack of agenda. “That’s why I turned my back when that dude from the NAACP started talking.” #FergusonOctober
    jelani cobb @jelani9

    A white activist just stood up and said “Do not underestimate the white brothers and sisters gift to you.” Bedlam ensued. #fergusonoctober

    • Liza says:


      I agree 100 percent that the young folks should lead the movement, but it is unwise to disregard history. There has to be organization, plans, and agendas particularly when the issues are so widespread and complex and deeply embedded. And, one must always separate that which is intolerable here and now from that which isn’t. And, what are the realistic things that can be accomplished right now that would have the most effect? In Ferguson, or any town where black folks can determine the outcome of an election, clearly getting the vote out will have the most immediate impact assuming there good candidates. And they’re working on that, they understand that. It is on the ground where you chip away at the power structure and ultimately replace it. But it takes a massive amount of organization and planning, even in a relatively small city.

      History is an awesome teacher.

      • Ametia says:

        I agree with you Liza. These older folks like Cornel West who scoop in and get some shine from the media don’t help. If he really wanted to help, he’d ask to sit down with the folks in Ferguson and help them strategize, organize, and mobilize to get rid of the POS leadership there.

        But NO, what does he and the old schoolers do? Draw attention and leave town.

        History is doomed to repeat itself if those folks don’t LEARN THE LESSONS.

  10. rikyrah says:

    zizi2 @zizii2

    @PragObots Just as happened w/ #occupy he’s sent by corporate paymasters to destroy #FegusonOctober from within. Shift focus frm culprits

  11. rikyrah says:

    We Be Du Bois @eclecticbrotha

    I hear Professor Corny Cuckabug told everybody in Ferguson “let’s all get arrested tonight!” before he jumped back in his limo and sped off.

  12. Protesters are occupying the area around the clock tower at St. Louis University. They’re asking for food, water, snacks, blankets,battery pack and tents.

  13. 4 minutes of silence. #shawshooting #FergusonOctober

  14. This is how #Ferguson police treat black protesters for exercising their right to protest. Gas, mace, beat, falsely arrest.

    • yahtzeebutterfly says:

      Thank you for posting this, SG2.

      I have been watching hours upon hours of live streaming and have been so upset by so much of what I have viewed.

      I collected these morning tweets from last Friday which moved me deeply:

      deray mckesson @deray

      Thinking about last night, I’m about to cry. I just can’t take my blackness on trial like this. This JUST IS NOT FAIR.

      Last night, I knew something felt off when the police wouldn’t engage protestors early. I just never thought we would be ambushed and maced.

      Today, I’m crying for Mike Brown. And Kijieme. And VonDerrit. And I’m crying because I’m fighting for my blackness to be allowed to live.

      Every night I’m out could be my last – not because I’m a threat or hostile, but because my very being is provocation for police to act.

      These tears are for everybody I’ve seen out there day in and day out who continue to fight even when the fight is too much.

      What will YOU DO to protect my right to LIVE? What role WILL YOU PLAY? Blackness needs you to help.

      Know this: I am afraid of dying. I don’t want to die. But I also don’t want to live in a world where death follows me because of my skin.

  15. Liza says:

    I stopped breathing while reading Deray McKesson’s tweets this AM. There’s so much momentum in Ferguson now. I pray to God that this is the moment.

  16. racerrodig says:

    This is beyond words. Absolutely beyond…………Thank God people of all races can march like this and show what it’s all about. I pray that what these bastards (racists & killer kops) don’t destroy the efforts many of “us” put into getting along with everyone.

    I can’t even put into words properly what I feel, other than “Thank God”

    • Ametia says:

      racer, the killer cops are banking on Ferguson blacks being in all alone, making them appear like they are the problem. NOPE, white racist cops are the PROBLEM.

    • You have a good heart, racer. So does Yahtc and Liza. They’re my girls. I love them.

      • Liza says:

        ** tears **

        You are a good woman, SG2.

      • racerrodig says:

        You gals and Xena are the best. You certainly provide a safe landing zone. I’ve been posting here for 2 years I guess and I sure learn something everyday here.

        Ametia……I’m in this with both feet. Maybe I should send Rocco & Bruno over to see those stinkin’ racist dipshits and see how they like getting stomped on….just say the word.

  17. Ametia says:

    I absolutely love this gallery, sG2. Thanks so much for posting it.

    My favs: “UNFUCK AMERCIA” sign and…

    … the T-shirt with pic of killer cop Darren Wilson “ARREST HIM NOW”

    Put that MOFO on front street

  18. rikyrah says:

    This is a wonderful diary. Thank you. The one of the little boy in the middle of the street is so powerful

  19. Liza says:

    Amy Goodman played this yesterday on her show. Is anyone else covering Ferguson?

  20. I can’t get enough of these awesome pics coming out of Ferguson. I am bursting with emotion.

    #FergusonOctober #HandsUpDontShoot

    Say ’em loud! Say ’em clear….For the whole wide world to hear.

  21. yahtzeebutterfly says:

    Fantastic gallery of photos from today!


  22. Liza says:

    Wow. Great pictures of Ferguson. That list of stolen lives killed by law enforcement is unbelievable, yet at the same time totally believable. God help us.

    I like the “Unfuck America” sign that one protestor is carrying. So much truth in two words.

    • Did you see the one with the little boy standing in the middle of the road? Totally awesome!

      • Liza says:

        Yeah, that is an awesome picture. He’s so young that you have to wonder what he understands about what is happening. Yet he is the reason people there are doing this.

        It was the same back in the 1960s. I was just a little kid, but I completely got it about the next generation, that all of the sacrifice was for them. What I never dreamed is that 2014 would look like this.

  23. Stand Ferguson! Keep on Pushing!


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