Tuesday Open Thread | What Kind of Country Are We? The Statue of Liberty Weeps…

When Dolt45 was running, he was lying about immigration.
” Two Million Criminal Illegals are here.”


Knew that was a lie, but of course, his deplorables ate it up.
So, post election, where’s the roundup of the two million criminals?
Doesn’t seem to be happening.

What IS happening with more alarm is stories like this:

A dream deported
Maria Mendoza-Sanchez raised four children in Oakland, built a nursing career and bought a home. Then came the election — and the most agonizing decision of her life.

By Hamed Aleaziz

SANTA MONICA, Mexico — In a village two hours north of Mexico City, a girl stands on the patio of her adobe home, looking out on her family’s small plot of land. Maria Mendoza-Sanchez is just 13, but on this day, as she watches her parents drive up in a rush, the path of her life is shifting.

Her 15-year-old sister has become pregnant, and her father is enraged. He steps from his truck, picks up a rope he uses to discipline horses, and barrels through the door. As her sister absorbs the lashing, Maria cries out: “Don’t hit her! She’s going to have a baby!”

Soon Maria is a target, too. “If your sister did what she did after being so quiet and responsible, what can I expect from you?” her father shouts as he hits her. Maria turns silent, knowing anything she says will frustrate the man who’d hoped to have boys to work the land, not four girls.

In their tiny village, wealth is measured in land and sheep. Maria wants more. An education, some independence. Even as the rope strikes her, she thinks: I will prove you wrong. You will see how far I go. I’m not what you think I am.

In this moment, she can’t imagine all that lies ahead but commits herself to seeking a different fate. In time, she will move north to the U.S. She will start as a sidewalk fruit vendor and house cleaner, but make her way to college, become a highly paid nurse, buy a home in Oakland, raise three daughters and a son, and save money so that they can go to college, too.

And then she will lose everything.

What is a mother without her children?

The thought consumes Maria, now an accomplished woman of 46, as she sits in a truck transporting her across the Mexican state of Hidalgo. Dark clouds fill the sky, but the landscape is familiar. She can make out Cerrito de la Cruz, the green hills that surround Santa Monica and its several hundred residents.

It’s Aug. 17, 2017. More than 30 years after her father beat her, more than 20 years since she moved north of the border, she and her husband, Eusebio Sanchez, have been deported amid President Trump’s tightening of immigration. They are on their way back to the village of her childhood. The village she resolved to leave so long ago.

So…just in case you missed it…
Dolt45 ran on getting rid of the illegal criminals.
But, the stories of who is getting deported are more like Maria, and less the gangbanging criminal.

They did a followup story on Maria. She had taken her youngest child, a son, with her to Mexico. But, it became obvious to her that he was a fish out of water. That the small town in Mexico wasn’t his home. Oakland was. So, she did what she thought was best for her son – she sent him back to America to be with his sisters.
So now, we have Maria separated from all of her children.
This woman is a nurse. She helps people as her life’s work.
This woman is a home owner. A Tax payer.
Please show me where she’s a drain on our society.
She has been torn apart from her children and the productive life that she has built because of the racist policies set forth by this Administration.
And, that’s the problem with his comment last week. He can be a racist. Nobody really care. It’s the POLICIES that hurt people. Salvadorans. Mexicans. Haitans. Africans last year, wanting to attend a financial conference and ALL of them being denied Visas for entry.

We are housing Brown and Black in the PRIVATE PRISONS run by ICE. Yes…the private prisons are being stacked with the melaninated.

Just today, I read another one of these stories:

I’ve told you…I live in a city with a large IRISH and EASTERN EUROPEAN ILLEGAL POPULATION.
HOW COME…I’m not reading stories like this about THEM being sent back?

Uh huh
Uh huh.

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146 Responses to Tuesday Open Thread | What Kind of Country Are We? The Statue of Liberty Weeps…

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  3. Breaking: Daily Beast: Bannon to tell all to Mueller.


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  5. Ametia says:

    So are white folks going to go after Lawrence O’Donnell for taking a switch to Kristjen Neilsen, ALSO TOO?



  6. Liza says:

    Ha ha ha.

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  7. This just crushes my soul…..


    • Ametia says:

      It’s disgusting, and bordering on criminal to even imagine that folks would be so racially biased to deny good care to our babies, let alone black adults.

      It’s true though. I have the privilege of choosing my family practitioner and GYN. Unfortunately, if I am hospitalized, I’m at the mercy of other hospital staff who may not have my best interest at heart. We need ADVOCATES, folks. Keep the with you and ask those questions.

      Fuck them, if they don’t like you questioning them. THIS IS OUR LIVES & those of our LOVED ONES.


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  9. rikyrah says:

    You can tell conservatives are worried about Cory Booker by how they’re already deep into “scary black man” territory.

    — BWD 🤢 You People Replaced Obama With This (@IrisRimon) January 17, 2018


  10. rikyrah says:

    In less than 80 hours, the government will shut down. While Trump blames it on the Democrats, it will shut down after the Democrats and Republicans reached a bipartisan agreement which Trump would not sign off on. It’s going to shut down because of TRUMP, not anyone else!

    — Ed Krassenstein (@EdKrassen) January 16, 2018


  11. rikyrah says:

    The Everloving PHUCK!!!

    BREAKING: Governor of KY Bevin says if courts say he can’t kick people off Medicaid for not working (95,000), he will end Medicaid expansion— health care for 400,000 people. https://t.co/QLOjtV2Q2p

    — Andy Slavitt (@ASlavitt) January 16, 2018


  12. rikyrah says:

    Why does Bannon’s subpoena matter? It means that he is no longer negotiating with Mueller. His testimony is compelled.

    Which means Trump is out of time. ⏱️

    — Eric Garland (@ericgarland) January 16, 2018

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  13. rikyrah says:

    Mueller just subpoenaed Steve Bannon to testify before a grand jury.

    Here’s why Trump should be concerned:
    1. Bannon was fired by Trump and Breitbart.
    2. He no longer has anything to gain by lying to protect Trump.
    3. He is going to throw everyone under the bus to save himself!

    — Ryan Knight, PROUD RESISTER 👊 (@ProudResister) January 16, 2018

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  14. rikyrah says:

    opher SpiroVerified account @TopherSpiro
    Topher SpiroVerified account @TopherSpiro

    ALERT: House Republicans are now taking CHIP hostage by adding it to a funding bill without DACA. CHIP could easily pass separately, but they’re playing kids against Dreamers


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  17. Ametia says:


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  19. Liza says:


  20. eliihass says:

    Rather unfortunate, but it is clear that Dr Ronny Jackson is lying ..or hiding something… His body language is telling..

    Sad that the desperate desire to hold on to a job, and perhaps a not so hidden delight at the emergence of Alt-Rights wielding white supremacy from the people’s house, have caused this medical and military professional to not only shamelessly grovel, kiss-up and buckle, but worse, bend the truth to the detriment of our democracy..

    For starters, no way the buffoon is 239 lbs..

    And Dr. Sanjay Gupta looked just as skeptical and incredulous as any learned, practiced doctor would …especially knowing the subject.. And the groveling good doctor, rather nervous and defensive in response…

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  21. Ametia says:


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    • Ametia says:


      “Mr. Chairman, I would just ask that the record — so we can all review it — will reflect in the opening statements when discussing challenges to our homeland in terms of security, the white supremacist threat was not mentioned,”


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      • Ametia says:

        Harris’ statement came after Nielsen whined:

        “If you don’t mind, it’s not a fair inference to say that my comments about Norway were in contrast to any other country,” “What I was describing was the president’s views upon meeting with the prime minister, and what I was quoting was what he was told in meeting with the Norwegian delegation. That’s what he repeated, words that he repeated that I repeated. It was not in contrast. With respect to white supremacy, we expanded our prevention efforts in the Department of Homeland Security to ensure we in fact are going after violence of any kind, any kind is not appropriate and I will not allow it to occur if it’s within our authority to stop.”

        YEAH, OK, then…

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      • majiir says:

        Nielsen has no idea that when she’s going up against Sen. Harris, she’s dealing with a someone who is not only extremely intelligent but someone who knows the law well. Neilsen is out of her depth.

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    • Ametia says:

      “Senator Harris:

      “You spoke of them, according to the president, as the people of Norway — well, you know, they work very hard — the inference being the people of the 54 states of Africa and Haiti do not,” Harris said. “That is a fair inference.”

      You run the Department of Homeland Security,” Harris continued, “and when you say you don’t know if Norway is predominantly white when asked by a member of the United States Senate, that causes me concern about your ability to understand the scope of your responsibilities and the impact of your words — much less the policies that you promulgate in that very important department.”

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  22. Ametia says:


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    • Ametia says:

      Booker: I find it hard to believe Neilsen can’t remember the words of the President of the United States.”

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      • majiir says:

        She remembers exactly what he said. She, like Cotton and Perdue are lying biscuit eaters. Trump said exactly what Sen. Durbin said he said. Nielsen, like others in this administration, will say/do anything to protect the Talking Yam even if it involves lying to us. Shame on them, but that is the state of our nation at the present time. I hope the Mueller investigation taints a lot of their butts, and that it will mean they’ll never work in public office ever again.


  24. Ametia says:

    Booker & Harris beat that AZZ SO BAD Neilsen has asked for a 5 minute break.

    eliihaas, does she need to confer with John Kelly?

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  25. Ametia says:

    Here we go folks!


  26. Ametia says:


    Please drop video when you find it

    Neilson is incredulous that she is being questioned by Kamala Harris. She can’t hide it!

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  27. Ametia says:

    Corey Booker giving history lesson at the HLS questioning.

    Neilsen trying to interrupt. BOOKER:NOPE, LET ME.FINISH

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  28. Ametia says:


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  30. Ametia says:


  31. OOPS!

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  32. Ametia says:

    To HELL with “impassioned, profane, vulgar, vile, strong, tough language” meme.


    THE POLICIES the GOP want to INACT with immigration ARE DISCRIMATORY & RACIST

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  33. @OfficialCBC Don’t take one step to go the State of the Union. I hope all @TheDemocrats boycott it.

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  35. Ametia says:


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    • Ametia says:

      Nielsen is Trump’s blonde-headed INTERERPER now.

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      • eliihass says:

        She’s John Kelly’s ‘pet’.. he propelled her into his old job, as the only one he can trust to carry out the systematic semi-ethnic cleansing that’s their shared wet dream with the buffoon..

        They are now masterminding and working to normalize the treasonous heist and irreversibly damaging decimation of our democracy and the sacred institutions that for so long under-pinned it..

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    • eliihass says:

      Great job by Senator Durbin..

      The epitome of a decent, honorable, elevated, seasoned legislator at work…

      Only regret that he isn’t even remotely as petty, impolite and cutting as John Kelly’s girl very richly deserved..

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    • Ametia says:

      On the topic of allowing immigrants to America on so-called “merit”

      Basically, saying Africans & Haitians don’t have anything of “merit” to contribute?


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  38. Ametia says:

    Inside the tense, profane White House meeting on immigration



    White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly was in the room and was largely stone-faced, not giving any visible reaction when Trump said “shithole countries” or when he said Haitians should not be part of any deal, White House advisers said.


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    • eliihass says:

      And John Kelly the ‘honorable racist’ ex-general has trained his blonde-haired Scandinavian-descendant girl quite well in the art of bold-faced lies and dissembling …punctuated with lots of Sir, and yes Sir.. Lots of amnesia that only recalls ‘tough language’, plays dumb on wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for, and shallow flattery with bogus ‘invitations’ for ‘impasioned’ Senators to come work with her..

      John Kelly and his crew have elevated the sub-par/pedestrian gaslighting of the erstwhile buffoon handlers, to a slightly more seasoned dissembling and gaslighting…

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  39. Hey, folks! @SecNielsen said she doesn’t know Norway is predominantly white. WTF?!

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  40. Ametia says:

    These are the kinds of fast-talking, lying, ignorant, shuffling, trifling mofos American people vote into office

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  41. Just listen to @SecNielsen with this BS…. Trump used tough language. He used RACIST language @SecNielsen. Stop lying!

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  42. Ametia says:

    Katy Jurados:

    María Cristina Estela Marcela Jurado García, better known as Katy Jurado (January 16, 1924 – July 5, 2002), was a Mexican film, stage and television actress.
    Jurado began her acting career in Mexico in 1943. From the 1940s through the early 1960s, the era called the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, Jurado played villainous “femme fatale” characters in Mexican films. In 1951 she was discovered in Mexico by the filmmaker Budd Boetticher and began her Hollywood career in the film The Bullfighter and the Lady. She acted in Western films of the 1950s and 1960s, including High Noon (1952), Arrowhead (1953), Broken Lance (1954), One-Eyed Jacks (1960), and Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid (1973). She was the first Latin American actress nominated for an Academy Award, as Best Supporting Actress for her work in Broken Lance, and was the first to win a Golden Globe Award for her performance in High Noon.
    Jurado made seventy-one films during her career.

    More here:

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  43. Ametia says:


    Grassley questioning Kirstjen Nielsen, Secretary of Homeland Security- calling immigrants- “illegal aliens- alien children.”


    Absolutely fucking shameful!

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    • Ametia says:

      Senator Leahy: “Being from Norway is NOT a SKILL.”

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    • Ametia says:


      Nielsen Danish pronunciation: [ˈnelsn̩] is a Danish patronymic surname, literally meaning son of Niels, Niels being the Danish version of the Greek male given name Νικόλαος, Nikolaos (cf. Nicholas). It is the most common surname in Denmark, shared by about 5% of the population.[1] It is also used in Norway, although the forms Nelsen and Nilsen are more common.[2] In Sweden the parallel form is Nilsson. Nielsen is also in use in the Faroe Islands. The frequent occurrences of Nielsen as a surname outside Denmark[3] is due to emigration. Immigrants to English-speaking countries sometimes changed the spelling to Nielson, Nelsen, Nelson, Neilson, or Neilsen.[original research?]

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    • majiir says:

      I am NOT surprised because Grasseater is one of the remaining members of Congress who voted against making MLK’s birthday a national holiday. If these kids’ parents enter the U.S. without proper documentation and give birth to them here, their kids are U.S. citizens. After witnessing so much madness coming from Rep. King, I decided to research Iowa’s demographics a few weeks ago. I discovered that although King disparages Persons of Color, there aren’t that many POC in Iowa. Iowa is over 90% Caucasian which tells me that most of its residents have little/no contact with POC, but it seems to me that quite a few of them consider themselves to be experts on what we think, how we live, what we believe, etc, when the reality is that they don’t know sh*t about us.


  44. Ametia says:

    Two senators do backflips to protect a racist president
    Jennifer Rubin-January 15, 2018

    (The Washington Post also reports that these two Trump acolytes are hanging their hats on the “s-hole vs. s-house” distinction. This embarrassing distinction, apparently, is intended to justify their shilling for the president and gross dishonesty.)
    So what does all this tell you?
    First, many GOP lawmakers now consider lying in defense of the president to be routine, part of their normal duties as card-carrying Republicans. They don’t care that it makes them look foolish to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. They, like Trump, now operate in the populist bubble that depends on protecting Trump and reaffirming their bond with the base on behalf of white grievance. For Perdue and Cotton, defending the preference for immigrants from richer countries — i.e. whiter countries — requires they not concede that this, at bottom, is about race.


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    • Liza says:

      Yeah, that’s the latest.

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  45. Ametia says:

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  46. Texas weather….. Lol!

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  47. Liza says:

    Good morning, Chics and Everyone,

    I saw that story about the Garcia family yesterday, their father being deported, and I was livid.

    This nightmare must end.

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  48. Liza says:

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  49. Like

  50. Trump used RACIST language!


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    • majiir says:

      It has been so cold here in Middle GA that my new heat pump I had installed can’t keep up! I had to bring my “green heater” into my bedroom to keep my dog and I warm. The temperature dropped to 19 degrees a few nights last week. The low for tonight is supposed to be 26. That’s an improvement. Stay warm.

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    • Ametia says:


      Notice the Dumpf #45 administration put the brown face on trashing our rights & freedoms.

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      • eliihass says:

        Ajit Pai is gleefully complicit..

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      • majiir says:

        What really pisses me off about Ajit Pai is his complaining about the push-back he’s receiving for his d*ck move. He should be running scared, especially after it was revealed that many of the “responses” the FCC received about net neutrality were sent by bots. He used that to claim that he had a majority consensus for eliminating the protections PBO had put in place.

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  57. Edwin Hawkins passed away, y’all…… RIP

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  58. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning Everyone 😐😐😐


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