Open Thread | Will Keep on Bringing You the Issues and Differences Between the Parties. Why November 2022 Is So Important

This post doesn’t have an overall theme, except for let me repeat what has already been said:


IF you don’t understand that.
IF this is not clear to you.

Then, you need to wake up. There is not ONE Republican worth voting for in the entire country.

You need to take whatever blinders off you might have when it comes to Republicans. There is not a one that will fight for your rights if you’re not a White, Heterosexual, Male. If you’re not that, then your fundamental rights are in jeopardy if Republicans gain control of either branch of Congress.


The MSM is in cahoots with the Republican Party. They will BOTH SIDES any damn thing, because to report on the Republican Party as they ACTUALLY ARE, would make obvious that they aren’t qualified to be trusted to govern this country.

Watching Nicole Wallace and getting furious.
They are admonishing Democrats for not running on DEMOCRACY.
They were talking about Arizona’s bat shyt GOP candidates.
My thing is WHY is it the Democrats’ responsibility?
Why isn’t it the MSM’s responsibility to tell the voters what these people are about.

The MSM is upset by the competence of President Biden and his Administration. They have been since the beginning, and they just resent it more and more.

The benefit of having someone like President Biden, who has been in politics, for forever and day, he knows how to move and get things done. And, him not really caring about the GOP, and calling things out, and going on offense so many times against the GOP when the MSM is used to Democrats always playing defense, gets them to clutch their pearls in offense.

Carvile telling the truth. Funny how the MSM doesn’t bring up Ukraine anymore now that they can’t use it against President Biden. It’s like, without that purpose, they don’t have much use for Ukraine.

I remember when pretty much every cable new segment was opening with the word recession. As if saying it over and over would actually bring one on.
They mumble the jobs report and move on from it as fast as possible.

The MSM don’t want to report what actual Republican candidates are SAYING, because their obvious lunacy and threat to our country, there’s no other way to interpret things like this:

Or this pure, unadulterated racism.

More from the MSM😒😒

Uh huh😒😒😒


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4 Responses to Open Thread | Will Keep on Bringing You the Issues and Differences Between the Parties. Why November 2022 Is So Important

  1. Eliihass says:

    Can’t make this stuff up if one tried.. it’s all endless insanity..

    Same folk who sniggered, fueled, fanned, willfully went along, or turned a blind eye, as she has for years been virulently dehumanized.. same folk who preemptively warned that the gig was not about her and she should not mess it up for hubby.. same folks who always dismissed as irrelevant and inconvenient, and insisted that the fully Black FLOTUS ‘go away’ …like clockwork, always seem to simultaneously come right back to demanding that she ‘do and say something’ .. while also blaming, maligning, attacking her.. for not magically fixing their outrage du jour..

    Same folk who are quick to insist that she’s ‘not qualified’ ..’never run for anything’ …and is only an appendage to her hubby…same folk who’ve even denied her rightful place as wife.. same folks who’ve spent years contemptuous and resentful of the fully Black FLOTUS …who for years, as she dignifiedly made her mark in the face of unprecedented death threats, insults, disrespect, and actual, palpable, virulent, dehumanizing racism that continues unabated.. and with nary a whimper or defense from the same now selectively raucous ‘protect black women’ crowd.. Same folks who as she more than earned her hard-won stripes, flung insults.. same folk (including self-styled ‘allies/adjacents’ and ‘protect black women’ types) who continue to this day to take umbrage whenever she’s praised, touted, celebrated.. miffed that their preferred faves can’t seem to supplant her..

    And even if she waved magic wands and all was well with the world… including bringing oppressive despots in far-flung corners of the world to heel.. they’d still find ways to malign her, while bandying about conspiracies..motive..

    They oddly, never seem to make demands of, or faux-outrage troll any of their coddled preferred faves …including those actually in power..

    Their elected and in power faves who they’re quick to absolve, coddle, defend, praise.. treat with kid-gloves..

    As far as these folks are concerned, the fully Black FLOTUS who’s never ever been protected, defended or coddled ..exists entirely to be their beck-and-call indentured slave – in perpetuity.. She’s who they’re always quick to volunteer for the grunt work.. she’s to do the work, disappear.. and let their mediocre preferred faves bask in the spotlight..

    These strange times have exposed so much.. including the sad fact that when push to shove, as far as their treatment of the fully Black FLOTUS, there’s no discernible difference in the malevolence and gaslighting antics of the alt-right, alt-left, Democrats, Republicans, hive, squad, armchair digital armies of every stripe..

    As far as these folks are concerned, the ‘irrelevant and inconvenient’ fully Black FLOTUS entirely exists and is only useful for the purposes of being weaponized specifically, for the agenda of these same folks who resent/hate her.. and repeatedly abuse/throw her to the wolves.. same as those who claim to ‘protect black women’ but who long ago supposedly ‘canceled’ her.. and now resent and routinely malign her using all the same malicious language of the alt-right.. and only because she didn’t jump into their public brawl and didn’t martyr herself on behalf of their preferred mixed-race faves..

    For them, she’s only good when exploited for their agenda.. and most importantly, for the desperate task of fluffing up and propping up their over-coddled faves..

    And over and over again, they still keep making demands of her.. while telling her to ‘go away’ …and then, get so incensed and declare her persona non grata, when the fully Black FLOTUS won’t play their game..

    She knows exactly who these folks are… especially many of the now raucous self-styled ‘allies’ and faux-activists.. including the ‘protect black women’ phonies.. same folk who for years, actively participated in disrespecting, undermining, maligning, denigrating her.. including those who tried to usurp her husband, and those who wanted to recast her, those who routinely cast her to the fringes, those who routinely excluded her, and those who brazenly cropped her out of events and many a pictorial documentation of their hard-won 2-term historic presidency..

    Her presence at their portrait unveiling was so telling..

    Her very understated dress.. her pulled back braided hair, all reminiscent of her presence at another occasion..

    Last time she showed up with pulled-back hair, similar short-sleeve midi dress in same hues, was at the 2017 inauguration..

    Many of those present.. many of those in that audience.. for years, directly and indirectly, covertly and overtly, actively participated in disrespecting, trashing, dehumanizing, trying to harm, undermine, break her.. some, continue to ..except now, they’re also trying to erase and take her husband down too.. and he finally, has begun to understand.. to see what she’s always seen..

    But, as predicted and shared with my fam here years ago.. she not only survived, but is still standing tall …by God’s grace.. her strength, her grace.. her integrity.. her authenticity.. intact, and more invaluable than ever..

    On that day of their portrait unveiling, she might as well have been in a room full of wolves, vultures.. hostile, racist right-wingers.. same difference..

    And she knew it..

    Just as she’s for years, been keenly aware and adept at.. and had always known how to navigate/handle the most unusual circumstances.. without ever compromising her integrity ..and dealt with everything thrown at her by supposed ‘allies’.. just as she’s also always known the how, the who, the what and the when to voluntarily expend her EARNED and extremely HARD-WON popularity and political capital.. as opposed to her routine generosity in dutifully helping out on behalf of, and in service to party and country..

    And those of us who’ve intently observed her and all these folks for all these years, know it …and know that she knows it too..

    She still doesn’t play games ..or suffer fools..

    Unpretentious and authentic to the core.. solid as a rock..

    No hype, no gaslighting, no pay-to-play, no digital armies, no astroturfing hive/squad, no twitter ‘influencers’, no ‘amplifying’ necessary..

  2. rikyrah says:

    Iuliia Mendel (@IuliiaMendel) tweeted at 9:53 AM on Tue, Oct 11, 2022:
    Breaking: Germany has provided to Ukraine the first air defence system Iris-T. It’s considered to be the best in the world

  3. rikyrah says:

    Christopher Bouzy (@cbouzy) tweeted at 9:33 AM on Wed, Oct 12, 2022:
    Saudi Arabia messing with oil production 4 weeks before the midterms isn’t a coincidence.

    Kanye spewing his nonsense 4 weeks before the midterms isn’t a coincidence.

    The surge in trolls sharing Hunter Biden disinformation 4 weeks before the midterms isn’t a coincidence.

  4. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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