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Theodore Wafer Murder Trial |Renisha McBride| Day Two

Opening statements were held Wednesday in the racially charged murder trial of Theodore Wafer, a white 55-year-old Detroit-area man who fired a shotgun through his screen door and into the face of 19-year-old Renisha McBride, who was banging on it. … Continue reading

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Theodore Wafer Charged with 2nd Degree Murder of Renisha McBride: Where are the results of his TOXICOLOGY Report?

What do all these white men who shoot blacks have in common? They KILL them so they cannot speak for themselves I don’t know about you folks, but this whole shitstorm feels eerily like the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin murder trial. … Continue reading

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Jonathan Manalo Gives Details about the Zimmerman Trial

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George Zimmerman trained at “the most complete fight gym in the world” as a kickboxer

A trained kickboxer! A kickboxer!  A 28 year old trained kickboxer up against a 17 year old kid carrying candy. Trayvon Martin didn’t stand a chance. There was MMA style fighting but it wasn’t Trayvon Martin.  This is why Mark … Continue reading

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George Zimmerman hearing: Motion to delay trial

SANFORD — A hearing Tuesday will likely lead to a decision over whether the George Zimmerman trial will be delayed. George Zimmerman is accused of killing Trayvon Martin a year ago. Zimmerman claims he shot him in self-defense. Last week, … Continue reading

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