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Open Thread | Dolt45 Would Not Have Been Indicted Without the Work of Nancy Pelosi

The Pelosi Factor Trump’s longtime antagonist played an essential role in his historic indictment.https://t.co/pXc2zCIkDi — FlashDancer (@MemyselfnFlash) August 7, 2023 The Pelosi Factor: Trump’s longtime antagonist played an essential role in his historic indictment. From the article: Ultimately, however, you … Continue reading

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Open Thread | The Hearings Reveal More And More of the Danger to the Republic

The testimony from today’s hearings was powerful. It only validated everything that we were watching in real time. Everything we thought Dolt45 and his criminal enterprise of an Administration were doing, THEY WERE DOING. The active subversion of the Constitution. … Continue reading

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Open Thread | This Is Why Political Pundits Can Go Sit Down

So, the GQP defeated the 1/6 Bi-partisan Commission. GOOD! I agree with Palmer about the pundits.   These doomsday pundits turned out to be so embarrassingly wrong when we beat Trump, they’re losing clout. So now they’re trying to bring … Continue reading

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