WNBA Players Speak Against Police Brutality

Well now, what do WNBA hope to gain with their antics of intimidation and attempts to SILENCE a league of predominately BLACK WOMEN for wearing T-Shirts with “BLACK LIVES MATTER’ and speaking out about POLICE KILLINGS of BLACKS?

And COMPLETELY MISS ME, with the ‘sports and politics of social justice and racism don’t mix’ bullshit. Feel free to drop some knowledge on the trolls who spew this nonsense.

I’ll start. The late, great Althesa Gibson, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali…..

WNBA’s attacks on players for speaking out is unacceptable. SIGN THE PETITION to rescind THEIR fines IMMEDIATELY!

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  1. rikyrah says:

    Lindsay Gibbs ‏@linzsports
    A cop killed Ruffin-Pratt’s cousin the day she made the @WashMystics. She helped organize the team’s media blackout.

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