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Monday Open Thread | The Black Woman

Hello Everyone. This week’s threads will feature vintage videos and articles about Black Americans.

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Saturday Open Thread | A wave of African American women elected in Tennessee

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Monday Open Thread | Why The Janus Decision Was So Harmful

It is not a secret that the GOP hates unions. They hate unions because they established benefits for workers that made their lives better. 40 Hour work week Overtime Medical leave Maternity Leave Workplace Protections All came because of unions. … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread: It’s All Related

The election of THAT MAN to be President is in direct correlation to the Obama Presidency, and also the culture that grew during those years. I have long said that those who wanted “to make America great again” longed for … Continue reading

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WNBA Players Speak Against Police Brutality

Well now, what do WNBA hope to gain with their antics of intimidation and attempts to SILENCE a league of predominately BLACK WOMEN for wearing T-Shirts with “BLACK LIVES MATTER’ and speaking out about POLICE KILLINGS of BLACKS? And COMPLETELY … Continue reading

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Diamond Reynolds & Daughter Dae’Anna | Eliihaas: “This Video is for Me”

Dae’Anna and her mommy on the Fourth of July, 2016. "It's okay mommy" "It's okay I'm right here with you" My heart hurts, this world is an ugly place #PhilandoCastile pic.twitter.com/NsQrn72XwH — WORLD STAR FANS (@WorIdStarLaugh) July 7, 2016 This … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Essence Magazine Regarding their (Lack of) Coverage of Black Women

Hello 3 Chics community. We are pleased to showcase the following letter that was written by sisters Kaia Shivers and Ayanna Shivers. BACKGROUND: Kaia N. Shivers is an activist, writer, artist, and doctoral candidate in the School of Communication and … Continue reading

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Pepsi Max: Jungle Fever in a Can, Baby!!!

The Intersection of Madness & Reality So this past weekend Republicans celebrated the 100-year-old birthday of former president Ronald Reagan. What was disappointing to me about this was the absence of the African American narrative as it relates to his … Continue reading

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