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Monday Open Thread | Toni Morrison Week

Happy Monday, Everyone! This week’s featured artist is the brilliant writer Toni Morrison. We’ll revisit some of Ms. Morrison’s greatest written works. Love this interview of Toni Morrison with Charlie Rose. She SCHOOLED Rose. Biography: Born on February 18, 1931, … Continue reading

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Henrietta Lacks & The SCOTUS Ruling NO on Gene Patents

After hearing oral auguments April 15, this week, the Supreme Court of the USA turned in a unanimous decision against HUMAN gene patents. When the decision came before the court and after this week’s decision, 3 Chics thought about the Henrietta Lacks … Continue reading

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3 Chics Politico | National Poetry Month | 2013 |

Join 3 Chics in celebrating National Poetry Month. Throughout the month of April, we’ll feature poems and poets who have inspired America’s historical & cultural landscape. We invite you to share and post your favorite poems and poets here. I, … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread

Good Morning. Someone is celebrating their 50th birthday. His name is Bond……James Bond. James Bond, code name 007, is a fictional character created in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming, who featured him in twelve novels and two short story collections. … Continue reading

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Marshall “MAJOR” Taylor First African-American Athlete To Achieve “World Champion” Status

February is long gone, but Black History lives on. Life is too short for any man to hold bitterness in his heart–Marshall Taylor From the Wiki:  Marshall Walter “Major” Taylor (26 November 1878 – 21 June 1932) was an American … Continue reading

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Soledad O’Brien “CHIN-CHECKS” Jodi Kantor With A Smile!

*Hat tip rikyrah* “YOU HAVEN’T INTERVIEWED HER.” I couldn’t stand listening to this “Valleygirlish” voice for longer than this interview. You mess with Michelle Obama and her family, you will get CHIN-CHECKED.

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President Barack Obama & his daughters visit Kramerbooks

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Michelle Obama’s Story Penned In Children’s Book: I Am Michelle Obama: The First Lady

Definitely going to order a few copies for me and my first grandchild!  You can order the book here.

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Professor Melissa Harris Perry Nails “The Help” | Miss Ann Really Had It MADE, The Help, Not so much…

“INCOHERENTLY ANGRY”  Is how Prof.  Harris-Perry described her feelings after veiwing this movie.  I haven’t seen the movie, and don’t plan to see it. If anyone is interested, here’s another story to check out: Professors writing book on history of … Continue reading

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Meet The GOP’s (* SHILLING ) Press David Gregory Disgracefully Describes Republican’s Position on Medicare As “Bold Leadership”

                                                 BOLD LEADERSHIP  REALLY, DAVID? Notice how David Gregory frames the lead narrative for the exchange. MR. DAVID GREGORY:  “This Sunday, is Medicare the new third rail of American politics?  Why the fight over the future of an entitlement for 47 … Continue reading

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