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MSNBC Settling for “Token” Blacks to Give Voice to Political Issues in 2016 Election Season

*Looking @ Joy Reid* MSNBC makes its BLACK and other peoples of color LEADING SHOW HOST disappear like Casper, one-by-one, by one! First Martin Bashir, Alex Wagner, Joy Reid, and Rev Al Sharpton-who was eventually relegated to Sunday morning during … Continue reading

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Melissa Harris-Perry: Black President, Double Standard: Why White Liberals Are Abandoning Obama

The media can push that Obama is losing black supporters until the end of time; IT’S A LIE!   You can drag out all the skinnin’, grinnin, shuckin’, and bucking’ negroes to tout this lie.  You can feature Bill Clinton on any … Continue reading

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Professor Melissa Harris Perry Nails “The Help” | Miss Ann Really Had It MADE, The Help, Not so much…

“INCOHERENTLY ANGRY”  Is how Prof.  Harris-Perry described her feelings after veiwing this movie.  I haven’t seen the movie, and don’t plan to see it. If anyone is interested, here’s another story to check out: Professors writing book on history of … Continue reading

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