3 Chics Politico’s Picks: Top Events Of 2012 In Photos, Videos & Commentary

As 2012 comes to a close, 3 Chics Politico is showcasing our picks for the events that shaped our country and our world this past year. You may have your own events that touched you in some way. Please feel free to share them in the comments section.

3 Chics Rikyrah, SouthernGirl2 and Ametia thank you ALL for visiting and commenting. Please join our community in 2013 for another year of sharing the news, laughs, photos, music, and our constant monitoring of the LAZY JACKALS who call themselves journalist.

Ametia here:

1. The 2012 DNC:

Of course I watched the RNC broadcast from Tampa, FL. The stark differences in the speakers, the crowd, and the presidential candidate were GLARING. Even though President Obama did not win NC this year, Charlotte did us all proud.

The highlight of meeting new aquaintances: 87 year old Ms. EuFaula Frazier, a Florida delegate who has attended every DNC since 1972. And she has attended every Democratic inauguration since 1977.

Ms. Frazier told me that she took on former Alabama Governor Geroge Wallace, during the southern segergation era. She is a stalwart in the Civil Rights Movement. Ms Frazier told me to never, ever give up and continue to support President Obama and any cause that helps to bring about justice for All Americans.

3 Chics’ Ametia & Ms. Eufaula Frazier

flotus-2012 dnc

Hands down, the best speech delivered at the DNC

2. GOP’s efforts at Voter Suppression

Nina Turner does a Yoeman’s job for the state of Ohio

State Rep. Mike Turzai: this MOFO right here who all but told us NEGROES… Y’all niggas ain’t voting!

Read on, because Rikyrah’s gonna break it ALL THE WAY DOWN like a fraction on 2012 Voter Suppression

3. Twitter and other social media take down of the media hacks and presidential candidates. President Obama’s GROUND GAME was STELLAR.


The use of social media is becoming a feature of political and civic engagement for many Americans. Some 60% of American adults use either social networking sites like Facebook or Twitter and a new survey by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project finds that 66% of those social media users—or 39% of all American adults—have done at least one of eight civic or political activities with social media.

4. GOP’s WAR ON WOMEN- “RAPIN” Todd Akin & “Gift from God” Richard Mourdock RAPE and abortion comments sealed the deal on the war on women’s body, mind, and spirit.

And this REDEFINES the GOP’s concern for their “right to life” IDEOLOGY:


5. SCOTUS Upholds the ACA Aka OBAMACARE June 29, 2012, in spite of CNN & FAUX NOISE dead wrong headlines



This MOFO right here thought he could roll his pasty white ass up in an NAACP event and tell them WHAT?!!!!

SCOTUS you know you done fucked up don't you

6. Preezy’s rendition of Let’s Stay Together:

Now y’all know the ladies had to keep it together and not throw their panties at the POTUS, after singing like that!

7. Mother Jones’ David Corn drops the ROMNEY 47% & disdain for Obama voters video

rikyrah here:

Some of the top stories of the year for me:

Gold medallist Gabrielle Douglas of the U.S. holds her medal after the women's individual all-around gymnastics final during the London 2012 Olympic Games

Gabby Douglas at the London Olympics

Being a lifelong gymnastics fan, even though I’ve never been athletic, it was beautiful…so wondrous I can barely put it into words what Gabrielle Douglas’ win meant in London. There is an entire generation of little Black girls, watching that chocolate young woman, with those African Features (features that some wanted her to get plastic surgery to erase). But, Gabby did it…she did in a sport that is lily-White. She did it being the ‘afterthought’ in all the advertising going into the Olympics, even though it was obvious that she was coming on like gangbusters – her performance at the Olympic trials was proof, but those in the know tried to dismiss her.

I appreciate Gabby because she knows who she is, and isn’t afraid to say that God is front and center in her life. The sacrifice by her and her entire family to help support her dream is something that all champions have in common.

Despite it all…she came through and powered her way to the top, and nobody can take away from her that she was the Ladies Gold Medal Champion.

One of the interviews Gabby Did was with Melissa Harris-Perry and Melissa’s daughter, Parker.

This made me smile on so many levels.

They tried to come down on her for being HONEST about the racism and bullying that she experienced. That she should just be ‘ quiet’ about it, and be ‘ grateful’ for what she accomplished – like she didn’t earn it. Like telling her story wouldn’t help other little Black girls, telling them about folks telling a CHILD that she should get a NOSE JOB, instead of being proud of her ethnic features. That she would have been told this is ridiculous.

Seeing that poised young Parker, talking to poised Gabrielle Douglas, was a testament to BLACK MOTHERHOOD- both Melissa and Gabrielle’s mother.


lying mitt

Another story that couldn’t be overlooked is that Willard Mitt Romney was the first post-TRUTH Presidential Candidate.
There are liars, damn liars, and then, there was Willard Romney.

He lied about everything, including his own name.

I don’t think many folks really understand the depth of the utter lies that came out of the Romney campaign on a daily basis.

One of the things about the first debate, is that, nobody could answer the question – how the fuck was the President supposed to debate someone who lied everytimg they opened their mouth. There was nothing he said in that debate that was the truth.

He lied on the President. He lied on the policies that he wanted to enact. This wasn’t a choice election – a choice would mean that both sides presented what they wanted to do for the country and let the country decide. Willard Romney never was honest about what he wanted to do for this country. The most honest thing he ever said was the 47% comment. THAT is who he is. That is who he always was.

It didn’t help that Romney had a MSM more intent on creating the illusion of a ‘ horse race’ than telling the truth about who Mitt Romney was and the lies that he told on a daily basis.

Yet, there were a few people in the MSM who pointed Willard’s proclivity for lying early on and did it often.

There was Krugman at the NYTimes, Greg Sargent of the Plum Line Blog and the HERO of the political season when it comes to this topic:

Steve Benen.

First, at Washington Monthly, then after he moved to The Maddow Blog, Benen did a weekly chronicle of Willard’s lies. I have to think that even when he began doing it, he never thought that he would be doing it all political season, and that the column would get longer and longer. In the end, Benen wrote FORTY-ONE CHRONICLES of Willard’s lies.


Absolutely unbelievable.

I have to think that it is the persistence of Benen and a few others that kept this topic, while not front and center, but at a constant drumbeat, so that there would be a tipping point, even when it came to Willard..

And, that would be Willard’s lies around Jeep taking away the jobs from Ohio and shipping them to China. It was, of course, a LIE. A lie that had to be debased by the Chrysler Corporation, and, even when they came out and said that the Romney campaign was lying – the campaign refused to stop running the ad containing the lie.

It is obvious, watching this campaign, that without the internet, and activism with social media and bloggers, that the MSM was quite content to let Willard’s lies just roll on, because they never challenged him. That was instructive, because folks know what they will be up against next election cycle, and how to marginalize the media since they won’t do their damn jobs.


election night

The Re-election of Barack Obama and the New America
These two stories are joined at the hip, and one cannot be told without the other.

President Barack Obama entered into office in 2009, at the greatest economic downturn this country has ever seen since the Great Depression. The President, being the good American that he is, if he had any fault, was not understanding something that it took I think a lot of us to recognize:

That the Republican Party decided, in the midst of the greatest economic freefall since the Great Depression…

decided to commit ECONOMIC TREASON against this country.

That’s right – ECONOMIC TREASON.

I don’t use the word TREASON lightly. I use it to represent everything that TREASON against one’s country should represent.

The GOP decided that it was more important to defeat Barack Obama in 2012, than it was to help this country out. And ANYTHING that would actually help this country is what they would be against.

It didn’t matter to them the millions that were unemployed.

It didn’t matter to them the millions that were close to being unemployed.

It didn’t matter to them the millions in this country without health insurance.

It didn’t matter to them the pain and suffering that our troops were undergoing by being stretched too thin fighting two wars that we were lied into.

NONE of that mattered.

All that mattered was to defeat President Obama.

It’s not that they took a look at the President’s policies and said that we have better policies.

It’s not that at all – because they decided to commit ECONOMIC TREASON

JANUARY 20, 2009

That’s right – the night of thr President’s Inauguration.

They decided to betray this country that night.

This is the party that would have the FULL FAITH AND CREDIT OF THE UNITED STATES DESTROYED…remember the debt ceiling?

So, with an opposition party that would be of no help for the President….

Add in wretched BLue Dog Democrats….

And, a MSM that wouldn’t report: a) the successes of the President, nor b) the truth about the GOP…

This President had a hard row to toe.

I can’t leave the MSM out of this, because I will never forget the study that looked at the coverage of this President and found that the President was being reported in negative terms NINETY PERCENT OF THE TIME.

HOW, could a President be reported in those kinds of terms, with all of his accomplishments, and it NOT be ON PURPOSE?

Especially since the MSM chose not to cover the utter insanity of the GOP, and their unwillingness to do anything FOR this country.

This President, with all of this on his back, still succeeded.

He got a stimulus – maybe not large enough, but stil a stimulus.
He saved the American Auto Industry.
He brought the idea that Healthcare is a RIGHT, not a PRIVILEGE -doing something that every President since Theodore Roosevelt had tried to do.
He ended the Iraq War.
He made it so that honorable men and women that serve our country can do so openly, irrespective of whom they love.
He brought back America’s standing in the world.

Even with this, there have been dark forces lined up against this country, the main being the Republican Party, in collusion with the MSM, and a Supreme Court, which opened the floodgates to dark money being spent profusely in campaigns with the Citizens United ruling.

Through it all, this President was all about the business of running a smart, efficient campaign. This President showed what a superior executive he was by surrounding himself with a brilliant team, and going about the basics, improving upon the fantastic campaign of 2008, using social media and data to help him even more in 2012, than he did in 2008.

While the other side ran a campaign of lies, race-baiting and voter suppression, the President’s team ran a nuts and bolts campaign that boiled down to:


The GOP, laced with race-baiting disrespect from the State of the Union and ‘ you lie’ to the repeated use of dogwhistles that proliferated from every inch of the GOP, combined with the obvious Voter Suppression intended Voter ID Laws……

They thought that they could prevent enough Obama voters from voting, while getting those ‘ real Americans’ – i.e. WHITE Americans to the polls.

But, it’s a new day in 2012.

President Obama only won 39% of the White Vote.


And, he still won the Presidency – handily.

332 Electoral College Votes.

He became the most successful Democrat since Franklin Delano Roosevelt by winning in not only the Electoral College, but also the a majority of the Popular Vote.

So, while only 39% of Whites voted for the President…

He received 80% of the votes from Non-Whites in this country, who, as usual, put the future of this country on it’s back and saved this country from itself.

While it’s disheartening that 60% of White folk clinged to being White and were willing to turn this country over to sociopaths that were going to destroy the Social Safety Net and send us into war with Iran….

I look at the positive of the 40% of White folk that had the sense that God gave a gnat and knew which way was up….

It was nice that President Obama won Virginia and Florida…

But, he’d be President WITHOUT THEM.

Barack Hussein Obama II has made the South ELECTORALLY IRRELEVANT.

How’s that for bashing in the teeth of the Southern Strategy.

You want to know what numbers shocked the hell out of the GOP and the MSM, which was ready to tell Black people to sit down, and shut up, because all the dogwhistles ‘we’ heard were just all ‘in our head’.

It was the President getting in the high seventieth percentile of both the Latino AND the Asian communities.

So, while the MSM coddled the GOP and their racists, and pretended that all the dogwhistles that they sent out, time and time again…

Pretending that those racists ‘ had some point’ in there, trying to obscure the obvious racism…

Every non-White person who isn’t a sellout heard loud and clear the FUNDAMENTAL DISRESPECT of this President and his ENTIRE FAMILY.

That these same non-White people, who had never lived on Mars, but in THIS country during the previous FORTY-THREE WHITE PRESIDENTS, and could see the obviousness of the disrespect towards the Obama family.

These folks bristled and bit their tongue except for the most agregious offenses towards this family.

But, they never stopped watching. Watching like a hawk, how this President and his family were treated.

Watching and saw who never stood up to the racism and the disrespect.

It was supposed to go over the heads of Black folks the insults thrown at this President and his family.
Just like it was supposed to go over the heads of the Latino community the Papers, Please Laws in Arizona, and Alabama, and the ‘self-deportation’. It was supposed to go over their heads that a Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton with more judicial experience than any nominee for the Supreme Court in 70 years, was dismissed as an ‘ Unqualified Affirmative Action Pick’.
Just like it was supposed to go over the heads of the Asian community as the Senate disrespected Professor Liu, and Dr. Steven Chu – not only a PhD, but a NOBEL LAUREATE.

Yes, it was supposed to go over our heads.

But, it didn’t go over our heads.

WE saw everything.

And, we made sure that we made clear our offense at what we saw – November 6, 2012.


And about that Voter Suppression:

From Pew Research:

The Growing Electoral Clout of Blacks Is Driven by Turnout, Not Demographics

by Paul Taylor

Blacks voted at a higher rate this year than other minority groups and for the first time in history may also have voted at a higher rate than whites, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of census data, election day exit poll data and vote totals from selected cities and counties.

Unlike other minority groups whose increasing electoral muscle has been driven mainly by population growth, blacks’ rising share of the vote in the past four presidential elections has been the result of rising turnout rates.

These participation milestones are notable not just in light of the long history of black disenfranchisement, but also in light of recently-enacted state voter identification laws that some critics contended would suppress turnout disproportionately among blacks and other minority groups.

In fact, according to census data and the election day exit polls, blacks made up 12 percent of the eligible electorate1 this year but accounted for an estimated 13 percent of all votes cast—a repeat of the 2008 presidential election, when blacks “over-performed” at the polls by the same ratio. In all previous presidential elections for which there are reliable data, blacks had accounted for a smaller share of votes than eligible voters.

There are two sayings for this election season that are related.
1. 2008 was for history. 2012 is personal.
2. This isn’t about Obama. It’s about your Mama. (Rev. Al)

When Rev. Al first said his saying, it was funny and on point, and as the election season wore on, it became evident just exactly how on point it was. I believe that when he said it, Rev. Al was talking about the obvious attack on the social safety net by the Republicans. How their policies were attacking those programs that had helped uplift the community. As time wore on, though, it was more obvious that the GOP War on Voting was indeed very personal.

When one goes about to take away THE RIGHT TO VOTE FROM FIVE MILLION AMERICANS…

And bases it upon something that doesn’t exist – Voter Fraud – it is quite offensive for them to get on tv, purporting a LIE in order to TAKE AWAY A RIGHT THAT IS IN THE FIFTEENTH AMENDMENT.

It’s not called the Voting ‘ Privilege’ Act – it’s called the VOTING RIGHTS ACT.

And, we, the Black community, don’t have to go back in ‘ history’ to understand what the GOP was doing. All we have to do is talk to Mama. Daddy. Auntie. Uncle Leroy. The elders at the Barber Shop. The Beauty Shop. Church.

While the majority of the MSM danced around it, and tried to give cover to the GOP, Black folk knew which way was up and made no bones about it. We stood up loud, and we stood up fierce, not sugar-coating what they were trying to do. And, as always, with their ugly selves, one by one, they revealed the true intentions behind what they were doing, and Black folk were like ‘ we told you so’.

Understanding that we were the ones beaten, threatened, and hozed in order to secure this right, we weren’t going to take it lying down.

Shorten the days – well, we’ll organize ourselves and still get folks to the polls.

We’ll talk to those neighbors and get them registered and out to vote.

And, vote we did….standing in those lines…4….5…6…7 hours sometimes.

I was encouraged by the determination of those in states like Florida, who refused to get out of line. Who refused to go anywhere. Who prepared themselves and said – I shall not be moved. By those in Miami-Dade, who stormed the office demanding that they be allowed to vote, since they were standing in line, even after those mofos began having their cars towed.

People stood in line because they knew those stories…
They voted early because they knew those stories…

They carried with them to the voting booths those that had fought to secure this right…
They had with them what I had with me…

I had Mama….who grew up in the Police State of Jim Crow Mississippi..
I had Daddy…who would have been FORTY-TWO YEARS OLD if he had stayed in the state of his birth before he would have been able to vote, and that was AFTER he had put on the uniform for this country and put his life on the line for this country…
I had Grandma …who was arrested for ‘ agitating’..
I had my uncles who had to get the hell out of Mississippi before ‘bad things’ were gonna happen to them for standing up to Jim Crow.
I had all those stories I heard here and there from the Elders in the church at various events over the years.

Do I think I’m unique?

Hell no. I heard those stories….and everybody Black that I know have heard those stories too….
And we made our voices heard loud and clear on November 6th.

Those GOP mofos actually thought somebody was playing with them.
NOBODY was playing with them.

SG2 here:

Some of the top stories for me:

1.The death of Whitney Houston. Our beautiful song bird flew away.

Whitney passed away Feb. 11th 2012. It broke our hearts and crushed our souls. Cissy Houston was gracious to let us join in and watch the homegoing services of our beautiful song bird and Newark, NJ took the entire nation to church and put African American Spirituality On display for the world to see. And it was a joyous celebration.

The Homegoing Service for Whitney Houston was so incredible! It was so Anointed, so Holy!

Alicia Keys at Whitney Houston’s Funeral

A Change is Going To Come

Whitney Houston Funeral Service

Whitney Houston’s Casket Leaves Church

2. Just as we were getting over the grief of losing our beautiful Whitney our hearts were crushed once again with the senseless murder of Trayvon Martin. An innocent unarmed kid walking back from the store after purchasing candy and a drink was gunned down for absolutely nothing except walking while black. The Sanford Police allowed the killer George Zimmerman to go home and claimed he was standing his ground. There was no weapon found on the kid. All he had was skittles and a drink. Well, it set off a fire storm of protests around the country demanding an arrest of the murderer. We could not believe our eyes that is took 44 days for an arrest of the killer. How could this happen? This isn’t the 1960’s. Sanford Police thought this death was going to be swept under the rug and that no one cared. You knew something was rotten when they refused to release the 911 calls. It was stinking to high heaven. After hearing the child’s screams begging for his life on the 911 calls and then the loud gunshot, I had to ask God to heal my mind. It was too much!

The fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman took place on the night of February 26, 2012, in Sanford, Florida, United States. Martin was an unarmed 17-year-old African American. George Zimmerman, a 28-year-old multi-racial Hispanic American,[Note 1] was the neighborhood watch coordinator for the gated community where Martin was temporarily staying and where the shooting took place.[3][4][5]

While in his vehicle on a private errand, Zimmerman noticed Martin walking inside the community. Zimmerman called the Sanford Police Department to report Martin’s behavior as suspicious, because he said that Martin was “cutting in-between houses…walking very leisurely for the [rainy] weather” and “looking at all the houses”.[6][7] According to a police report, “there is no indication that Trayvon Martin was involved in any criminal activity at the time of the encounter”.[8][9][10] While still on the phone with the police dispatcher, Zimmerman left his vehicle. After the phone call concluded, there was a violent encounter between Martin and Zimmerman. The encounter ended with Zimmerman fatally shooting Martin once in the chest at close range.[11][12][13][14][15][16]

President Obama Weighs In: ‘If I Had a Son, He’d Look Like Trayvon’

3. The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

The killing of 20 six & seven year old kids in their classroom just before Christmas. All murdered with an assault rifle along with six of their teachers. Sooo incredibly horrible. Why shoot little innocent kids? This shook me to the core. The grief was painful beyond description. Little innocent kids gunned down for nothing. It was almost too much to bear. I cried for days. Every state, every town and every city need to protest until these gun laws are changed. 6 & 7 year old kids riddled with 3-7 bullets? Now Is The Time to put a stop to this.

Have a wonderful week and a wonderful New Year, Everyone!

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  1. Ametia says:

    Hat tip Rikyrah

    The Story Behind the 47 Percent Video

    It took months to get the scoop that rocked the 2012 election.

    —By David Corn

    | Mon Dec. 31, 2012 3:31 AM PST

    Editor’s Note: This article is adapted from Corn’s ebook, 47 Percent: Uncovering the Romney Video that Rocked the 2012 Election.

    As 2012 draws to a close, many year-end reviews of the election season have focused on September 17, the day Mother Jones released the 47-percent video that captured Mitt Romney at a private fundraiser. That moment, when millions of Americans saw the candidate denigrating nearly half the electorate as “victims” who do not take “personal responsibility and care for their lives,” is widely seen as having upended the campaign. But the path to the scoop began months earlier, with a story about aborted fetuses.

    Early on in the election season, Mother Jones had made a decision to look closely at Mitt Romney’s record as a businessman—a record the campaign was promoting as a key reason why voters should choose him. As I dug into the history of Bain Capital, the private equity firm Romney had founded and managed, I found out about an investment it had made in Stericycle, a medical-waste disposal firm that in more recent years had been attacked by anti-abortion groups for disposing of aborted fetuses from family planning clinics. I obtained an electronic pile of documents related to the deal, including filings Bain had made with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Romney was listed as an active participant in the Stericycle investment, which occurred in November 1999. This fact was significant; it undercut the claim that Romney had departed Bain in early 1999 to run the Winter Olympics, and had nothing to do with the firm’s actions after that point, including investments that relocated American jobs.

    On July 2, I posted a story on the candidate’s connection to Stericyle, reporting that Bain had filed SEC documents—including one signed by Romney—designating Romney as an active participant in the deal in late 1999. The story made news, and soon other outlets followed up.

    A few days later, I received an email from James Carter, a freelance researcher who had information to share. (He didn’t mention he was the grandson of President Jimmy Carter and possessed a deep personal motive for unearthing material on Romney, who routinely disparaged his grandfather. I wouldn’t learn of his relationship to the former president until early September, when Carter and I met at the Democratic convention in Charlotte.) Carter tipped me off to documents about a Bain affiliate’s investment in a Chinese firm named Global-Tech Appliances, which outsourced manufacturing for US corporations including Sunbeam and Hamilton Beach. The Global-Tech deal had occurred before Romney left Bain for the Winter Olympics.


  2. Ametia says:

    Great picks Rikyrah and SG2!

    Rik, you nailed it on Gabby, Mitt, and voter suppression. Americans didn’t fall for the old okie dokie!

    SG2, Whitney and Trayvon’s deaths were just heartbreaking. We’ve lost two beautiful Souls. Trayvon’s murder will be rectified. Zimmerman will get his due, and justice will be served!

    • Whitney and Trayvon’ deaths broke our hearts into a million pieces and the 20 little innocent children slaughtered before Christmas crushed our souls. I was shaken to the core. I look forward to justice being served for Trayvon and gun control laws made. Too much innocent blood has been shed.

  3. Ametia says:

    If anything has taught us a huge lesson in 2012 it is :

    So let’s continue shutting down their lies, spin, and blame on PBO

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