Liza for the Win! Economic Progress is More Effective Than Protests Says Joel Kotkin

One question for Joel:  If  BLACK Americans had economic progress, would they even need to protest and declare BLACK LIVES MATTER.  Dismissed!

This article by Joel Kotkin, RIGHT HERE:

Ta-Nehisi Coates and the new wave of black nationalists are selling a line that is inimical to real racial progress in America.

The election of Barack Obama promised to inaugurate the dawn of a post-racial America. Instead we seem to be stepping ever deeper into a racial quagmire. The past two month saw the violent commemoration of the Ferguson protests, “the celebration” of the 50th anniversary of the Watts riots, new police shootings in places as distant as Cincinnati and Fort Worth, and renewed disorder, tied to a police-related shooting, in St. Louis last week.

When President Obama was elected, two-thirds of Americans thought race relations were good. Now six in 10 think they are bad, according to a New York Times poll, including some 68% African Americans.

3 Chics commenter, Liza for the MOTHERFUCKING WIN! Yes, I said it.

Liza says:
August 30, 2015 at 11:44 am

This entire article written by white guy Joel Kotkin, who I have never heard of before this, is nothing but a thinly veiled, white racist perspective on the black experience in America apparently inspired by TNC’s new book as well as the author’s disdain for President Obama and, to a lesser extent, Eric Holder.

Oh, yes, it is so easy to blather about “economic progress” as the solution to all that ails this country because “the American Dream” is alive and well and what we should always be striving for. We should always be looking to the future because that is what Americans do, we move on no matter what, right? The dark, ugly, murderous part of the history of this country should be glossed over and constantly revised if not forgotten because there is always another economic opportunity out there for those who have the guts to go for it, right? And those who succeed are not looking behind them in the rear view mirror, they are looking ahead, always ahead.

And so goes the standard, run of the mill, unoriginal, and played out WHITE DISMISSAL of all race related problems that have festered in this country for hundreds of years. That is all this article is really about. A different author, but the same tired argument full of generalizations, dismissals, and omissions.

If given the opportunity, I would be compelled to ask the author just one question. Mr. Kotkin, assuming we could create more economic opportunities for minorities, how would Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, Darius Simmons, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, and all of the other young, black people who have been murdered by racists or unjustly killed or maimed by police benefit from this robust economic growth that you blather about while dismissing the very real life and death issues that people of color face every single day that they try to live in this country?

Go away, Joel Kotkin.  

He serves on the board Orange County Register.

YES, Joel Kotkin, go thee the fuck away.

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16 Responses to Liza for the Win! Economic Progress is More Effective Than Protests Says Joel Kotkin

  1. Liza says:

    TY, everyone, and thank you for posting my comment, Ametia.

  2. Economic progress my arse. President Obama the most powerful man in the world.

    The only thing stopping white supremacists from charging the WH is Secret Service & bullets.

  3. rikyrah says:


    You are absolutely ON POINT!

    • Ametia says:

      Liza ROCKED IT.

      This hit piece by Krotkin was soooo obvious. Just screamed BULLHIT. The white entitled/supremacist want us to STFU & STFD, but we’re not going to shut up or go away.


  4. Liza for the MOTHERFUCKING WIN! Yes, I said it.

    Crying with Laughter

  5. LIZA FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s my girrrrrl.

    • Ametia says:

      Did you read the link to Joe’ls bio? He writes for an Orange County, CA paper. And just what is the racial makeup of this region in Callie, hmmm?

      • Liza says:

        Without googling the numbers, I can tell you that Orange County is the place to live in Southern California if you are a right wing conservative type.

  6. rikyrah says:

    Everytime you run across these mofos who are about the ‘economic progress’ schtick..

    I tell you to steer them towards this video by Mr. Bougie himself, Lawrence Otis Graham.

    Between he and his wife, they have FOUR HARVARD DEGREES

    As I said when I first posted this video, I was mocking Mr. Graham up until the final moments of the video..

    His last line of the video, when referring to his 2 sons:

    I just want to keep them ALIVE

    Tell me a White Couple with FOUR HARVARD DEGREES, that has EVER expressed such a sentiment.

    with that economic progress bullshyt.


    • Ametia says:

      Yes! Keep reminding these MOFOs about that ‘economic progess’ bullshit

      Everytime I see this video and hear Otis speak, I weep.

    • Ametia says:

      From LIZA:

      Truth. You have to be alive to benefit from economic progress, for starters. And to enjoy freedom in this country you and those you love have to be able be walk out the front door without the fear that this just might be the day. Because there is no warning. Trayvon went out to buy snacks at half-time, Jordan went shopping the day after Thanksgiving, Darius was taking in the garbage can to help his mom, Sandra Bland changed lanes because a cop was tailing her. There is no warning.

      • Ametia says:

        More truth!
        And if the killer cops & white power structure kill us off, there’s no need to address ECONOMIC PROGRESS, for said DEAD BLACK FOLKS!

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