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Friday Open Thread | See What Marilyn Mosby Was Up Against in Baltimore?

I don’t know if you’ve been following the corruption trial in Baltimore, but it’s been an eye opener. This is the system that Mosby has been up against. This isn’t one or two ‘ rotten apples’. This is SYSTEMATIC. In … Continue reading

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Police turn their backs on #MayorDeBlasio at Cop’s funeral

Police publicly disrespecting the Mayor should be an eye opener to every American. It’s so disturbing. Imagine how they treat young black men and boys? Bullying the Mayor while the world watches? Young black men and boys don’t stand a … Continue reading

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Redditt Hudson: Darren Wilson processed his own evidence

Redditt Hudson a former police officer with St Louis County police says Darren Wilson processed his own evidence. Reddit also says he was in the room when Ferguson police chief Tom Jackson told them, Darren Wilson had no knowledge of … Continue reading

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DOJ Finds That Miami Police Dept. Violates Fourth Amendment

(Crossed posted on Blackbutterfly7.wordpress.com) The Department of Justice conducted an investigation and found that the Miami Police Dept. (MPD) engages in a pattern or practice of excessive force with respect to firearm discharges, in violation of the Fourth Amendment to … Continue reading

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